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PROPOLIS - It totally works! Just go to whole foods and get the liquids drops. Take them orally as directed and also apply them directly to the sores with a cotton swab. It does sting a bit, because of the alcohol base in the drops but worth the small amount of pain. I had a really bad breakout that lasted over 30 days, nothing was working. As soon as I tried Propolis it cleared up in 3 days!! The bottle of liquid extract cost me $14.00. It is made from Bees so if you are allergic to bee products then this wont be a good idea for you.

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I have had gh for time ,but since I stumble across some of the remedy on this site I was able to come up with a remedy that works for me
my syntoms were normally mild I clean the area with alcohol few times per day,im a male so this might be painful for a female if the bumps are inside vaginal instead of on the outter area of the privates, healing will eventually bigin to take place ,but this by far the most important part to all this I begin a daily routine of taking 1000Mg l lsyine and 1000Mg propolis ,one of each in the morning and one of each at night ,if u continue this routine everyday it should keep u from having a outbreak ,u can take extra pills if you feel a little tingle coming on ,hope this help be safe and God bless


Where do u find propolis or whatever its called lol


At any natural or heath food store you can find it

~OvEr It~

I was 16 years old first love kind of relationship, we were not exactly thinking at the time when I contracted Genital Herpes..I'm 23 now, with the same guy.. we are happily married & have a 2 yr old son :). I suffered the worst outbreak you could possibly imagine my first outbreak I was hospitalized for a week, the dumbass doctors kept saying I had a yeast infecting until my mom took my to another hospital and they did a then the infection had spread Everywhere..Valtrax Taken at A HIGH dose helped for a few years, but did have some side effects.. the down side to this medication is if you don't have insurance the pharmacies try to charge over $200! a bottle which at desperate times I've had to pay..So I Have searched out for the past 8 YEARS HOME remedies, because I don't have that kind of I THINK it's unfair to charge me that price for my pain..a-holes/o~ ..SORY tHEY have caused me a lot of pain over the years and a lot of hospital bills.. So ONE THAT I JUST FOUND..VICKS VAPOR RUB..Stings for a min..then it's actually soothing..clearled my outbreak up in one night, (*****NOTE******: I Took a Epson salt, vinagar bath..drained the water..refilled the tub..then...I used organic soap made by Kathy LaShure called 'Lavender Vanilla Creme Soap' which has been helping my outbreaks go away for years..if you'd like to order her soap email is


I just tried propolis for the first time and it totally works!! I didn't think there was anything that really helped. I've had hsv2 for 10 years (I'm 27), rarely get outbreaks, but just got a pretty bad one so I did some research and found out about propolis. I also bought the liquid drops (also called a tincture), but at the same health food store I also picked up some raw honey. Mix several drops of the liquid into just a little bit of honey, and it won't sting when you put it on! Promise! (Yes, it's a little sticky, but totally worth it.) I still can't believe there is something out there that works so well to relieve the pain and itching but no doctor will tell you about it...!

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