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My parenting/cooking teacher told us that if you leave toothpaste on the pimple over night it will get rid of the redness and pretty much make it vanish. I was skeptical so I tried it and it works but it has to be PASTE not gel.

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hey thats so cool its totally worth a try


like I posted on another one who said toothpaste it really worked for me too. I only get small pimples every once in awhile now though ( I am 50...yikes ) so maybe that is why it works so well for me. good luck and my pick of paste is crest. :)

Jenny G

The toothpaste just helps to bring all of the nasty stuff to the surface. Apply, let dry, wipe off, and you will have a clear whitehead that you can pop. Which then may lead to scars.


this really works. i saw it on the doctor oz show and now i don it everytime i have a pimple. works like a miracle

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