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I have a small amount of root exposure or something. Never really suffered tooth ache. Hadnt been to a dentist for 9 years until 8 months ago, given 2 fillings and clean up etc, ever since ive had trouble eating hard and cold food and now this.
Pain killers do nothing for it.

Now my dentist says his work is not cause of my aches n pains and gave me some pro argin or whatever you call it tooth paste and sent me on my way - works well. Until now. My tooth with filling (upper rear) is hurting bad, the pro argin tooth paste soothes it for 10 mins only so i put a decent sized amount of it on some wet tissue and layed it over the tooth so it has time to find its way into any cracks and isnt washed away or swallowed.

Just try not to swallow it if you sleep!!!

Also elevate youf head when sleeping with extra pillows to avoid any pressure in your head/face.


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Lindagail Sanders

Look, I had tooth pain so painful that i could not work,
last night i found this site, went down to Walgreens and purchased the DenTek tooth ache kit, but while in the isle i saw Dent's Extra Strength Toothache Gum trademark since 1888, no you don't chew it, it is a medicated wax to place on exposed cavities. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! NO JOKE! HERE IS THE WEBSITE; this stuff stopped me from jumping out the window.


YES . . elevating your head when u sleep wiith help you 99% wiith the tooth paiin in the morning . that is where most of my problems came in iwould slep with my head on one pillow on the riight side of my face and when i wake in the AM my riight side bottom mollars would be in rediculus paiin . . i got up moved around a bit (crushed a paiin killer up )= Opana20MG perscription drug hard to fiind and exspesive as hel but works but took that and then layed down for 30 mins befor work wiith 3 pillows under my head woke up from the 30 miin nap felt brand new . . .but HONESTLY ::::::: GO TOO THE DENTIST :::::: that is the best bet


I shattered 1/4 of a molar on a cough lolly 4 months ago which was painful but went away after 2 weeks, and i didnt do anything about it( im a fool) now the last 10 days have been agony, i noticed i was getting a bit hot and knew an infection was starting so begun mouthwash, salt water wash, brushing 3 times a day in an effort to stop it before it was to late, they reduce pain somehwat, so does dental wax, honey does nothing but useful for the infection so worth taking, hot and cold packs are good for temporary relief, but for those that cant afford a dentist, search your local area for community/chartiy some have disaster relief temas which when there is no disaster work in the community, they can do minor surgeries and pretty much anything dental besdies root canal, at your home, free of charge ( which you will feel bad if u dont donate for the rest of your life. also good for aged people and peeps that are reclusive or mental disabilities.
generally a religion running them, mostly budhist in Australia, not sure about US. good luck. im in 7 out of 10 pain writing this, still working on best fix :(

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