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Elephant in the Room

I've noticed there’s a lot of focus on genital warts on the web, but I haven't seen much attention paid to dealing with anal warts. I am 29 years old and heterosexual. I have never had anal sex, but after getting divorced have spent the last couple of years being promiscuous and severely alcoholic. I’ve been with more than 2 but less than 10 women. Over the last month or so I noticed some little bumps around/inside my anus, which I thought were merely hemorrhoids. But over time they seemed to multiply and so, I decided to stick a mirror down there. Oh my! Much to my dismay (after doing a bunch of research online and viewing countless pictures), I realized that I had ANAL WARTS! I started to wonder how this could happen. Then on further inspection beneath the folds of my foreskin, lo-and-behold, I too indeed, discovered a couple of those nasty little buggers sprouting up around the base of my glands-penis. Very mortifying… I mean, how and where does this come from? What on earth is the purpose for such an unsightly affliction to the sex organs and anus of a human being? My beautiful flower that has brought me boundless joy, tainted!?!
'They’re more pointless than mosquitoes!' I though.
Anyway, I learned about the virus, and that it can spread all over the landscape betwixt-your-nethers. It can spread to your bum and all over! So I tried researching some natural ways to combat this reprehensive condition.
Like I said before, I haven’t heard much in the way of treating warts that affect the inside of the anal canal especially, mostly just the outer anus and the genitals. It’s my understanding though, that these little goblin-bumps can actually find their way up inside of the anus/vagina. The former of which I think they have in my case, after fingering around some. So if any women out there hear my cry, and have some incite into combating the ones that migrate north, I welcome your input.

Here’s my mode of attack starting tonight:
-I plan to try the Apple Cider Vinegar approach on my glands-penis just to test the theory.
-I plan to try the Tea Tree Oil approach by soaking a woman’s tampon and sticking it where the sun don’t shine.
-I plan to put “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence on repeat for a good solid Three hours or so.
-I plan to submit updates every day on this thread by replying to my original post.
-I plan to keep all copies of my postings as well, to start a web log in the future.
-I plan to never wish this on even my worst enemies… Scouts Honor.

In conclusion, be healthy. Don’t be an alcoholic or abuse harsh chemicals. Try to eat well and get good rest and exercise. Take your vitamins. I hope peace of mind for all.
My best advice for anyone; Find someone you love, take it slow, and make it last forever.

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how did it go? you never replied to your thread?????????????


Any progress? Would like to know.


Any progress

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