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I have had bad teeth since I had my daughter (4 years ago) and get random toothaches. Normally brushing the areas vigorously, rinsing with mouth wash ( has to have alcohol in it) and taking Tylenol helps but recently it's gotten really bad. It's the cant eat, can't sleep, can't talk cry all night pain and last night it reached the maximum pain that I could handle and after searching these boards forever nothing was helping. I was able to finally sleep for a couple of hours after rinsing with mouthwash, then warm Salt water a couple of times for about 2 minutes each. The pain was still there but I could finally see straight and I remembered reading something about garlic cloves... Well meaning I only had garlic powder I got a q-tip wet, dipped it in the powder then rubbed that on my tooth and the gum surrounding it and after about 20 minutes it worked enough that I was able to lay down with an ice pack on that side of my face and sleep for a couple hours! Well after I woke up the pain was back with a vengeance... So I went and bought benedryl (I also read about that on here and meaning I'm pregnant again and that's one of the things I can take I decided to try it) and the den tek filling stuff (about 4$ at my ridiculously prices small town drug store) after taking the Benedryl and packing my tooth the pain is about 95% gone!!!! I am one very happy mommy!!!! Invest in this stuff! You'll be thankful I swear!!!

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It cost like 6 or 7 bucks where I

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