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no more blocked ears

It starts off you having a cold or flu or sinus issues. Then your constantly blowing your nose and blowing it hard BAD MISTAKE ( DONT BLOW HARD NO MORE ) the mucus will travel to places you never thought you had Its called Your Eustachian tubes that's being clogged by mucus/fluid. then out of nowhere you hearing is not so clear as before asif your under water it can happen to one ear or both.
OK dont panic, yeah its awful and gross
But very cure-able some cases will take a few days or few weeks. But its ok .
when i first got it i freaked out but when i do get it i know what to do now and now i'm in control of it :)
Now, first thing if you are a smoker... STOP SMOKING RIGHT AWAY (RIGHT NOW) I know its hard to do but its not helping to clear out your blockage and it WILL get worse if you continue to smoke or secondhand smoke ( i learned that the hard way ) second thing you will need to buy sudafed or clairtin pills. third thing boil a pot of water then carefully let the steam hit your ear/s get close enough to the steam also you can inhale & exhale the steam this will loosen the mucus/fluid. and what you can also do is get a clean sock ( new one if you can ) put a handful of rice in it then tie it in a knot, run warm water on it then put the sock in a microwave for around 30 seconds or a minute. let it cool down a bit so you can pick it up and place it on your ear until it goes cold. you can lay-down on your side where the ear is blocked during this is best.
this is what i have tired a worked but alot of cases are different it depends how clogged your ears are first time took 2 weeks. second time few days. and now this is my third time i hate it but what can you do life goes on the best thing is not to overstress this issue be patient and dont think about it so much keep yourself busy and tell yourself its ok you will be healed from this also i prayed alot to Jesus Christ and god to heal me i had faith and trusted him :)and he did heal me thank you my king ! and now i'm quiting smoking for good its been 5 days so far. i think the smoking had alot to do with it for my ears being blocked in the first place due to the cold. but anyways i hope i was of help to you guys, get well soon :)

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Jesus always heals me. Thank You Lord

Synical optimist

What utter shite. You listed some very good suggestions to clear your ear and at the end of the day jesus christ cured you? Spare us the religious hokum please. The other suggestions where greatly appreciated especially the sudaffed.


Hi no more blocked ears..... I'm just writing to say that I hope you managed to give up the smoking, I'd ness you too.


That last comment from me was typed as 'god bless you' but the iPad likes to rearrange the typing! So hope this amended comment makes more sense, it would be kinda helpful if you could amend your comments when posted :)


Yes i also turned over and gave all my problems to god and he has helped me quit smoking and he healed my strep throat and just now my ear popped thank you jesus

s sibiya

Well I think ill most definely try these methods!
Tonight as I was feeling very blockedUp I tried blowing up my nose, then all of a sudden I heard a loud bang in my ear! I just couldn't sleep after that,fearing I might be going Deaf!...I tried cleaning up the ear with some ear_butts but it didn't help! #omg and I have this excrusiating pain, and little pops in my ear, I swear I'm gonna die!!


Thank you for the info!! I will be doing this tonight. And Amen to Jesus be all the glory!!! He is our healer!!! Thanks again and many blessings!!!


When you praise God, use capital letter 'G'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man... ~ Psalm 104:14

There appears to be little room for conflict between basic faith and basic medicine.

But when and where ungodly greed creeps in and seeks to exploit folks in their greatest times of vulnerability and distress...

Then, there is indeed an abundance of conflict between the two.

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