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I'm so proud of myself for this remedy cured me 95% in a matter of 6 - 15 min ( nt sure of time frame was sorta watching tv ). So I was in a fight bout 2 weeks ago n this dude hit me a solid one in my bottom right jaw with a knuckle duster n broke my back 2nd last molar tooth ... It didn't hurt up until last nyt about 5.30. Man it hurt as though I wanted to punch myself to hit the tooth out... So I ran for a painkiller in the hopes that it will help ... Disprine ( blue box ) since I couldn't handel da pain I decided break the disprine in half and put it on the effected area within seconds I felt relief up to bout 55% which I settled for and let it b untill its effects stated wearing off bout 2 hours later... As I was going for da other half I saw a bottle labeld glycerine a see through liquid I thought what the hell and poured bout 6 drops over my gum and tooth and left it there a while... within a few second I started feeling relief of bout 45% within min it turned to 75% and after that I forgot I had a thooth ach untill now 5.30 the next morn ... I jus put a few drops more now n I can already feel it working... Hope it helps u guys

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glycerine realy works,THANK YOU,i was ready to commit suicide,toothaches are demons from hell.


Um, dont know why glycerine worked, but you do realise that it's sugar dont you?! This is obviously only going to make the problem worse in the long run!


I dont know why you think it would make it worse....actually its a well known remedy.

It's a contact bacterial desiccant, and kills bacteria on contact, making it very useful for everything from halitosis to periodontal disease


If you look you will find it in almost every toothpaste and mouthwash also.

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