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Hello all,

My name is Michelle and I have a suggested remedy for migraines. I have had bad headaches since I was a kid but at age 28 I was diagnosed with migraines. I was seeing a specialist but the office visits were way too expensive. My husband works at a hospital and talked to the head nursing administrator about some remedies for me and this one works really well. I did it today while I was at work and the migraine subsided about 80-90%( I have very little discomfort about 5-10% right now and I feel a lot better)

The remedy entails: Take one sudafed pe maximum strength for nasal decongestant(the equate brand at wal-mart works just the same) and one regular execedrin or equate version of execedrin together with water. Wait for 30 minutes and then take an aleve caplets( I don't know how well the liquid gels work for this), then as a finishing touch drink a hot cup of tea(she did not specify what type so I just had a cup of green tea): I took this remedy starting at 4:45pm and it is 6:59pm and I feel great. I left work at 6:15pm and I felt better before then. I just wanted to share this with you all and hope for some positive results! Everyone be well and don't forget(we are all in this together)

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