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Glad I found this site. I have been suffering from RLS for the past several months on and off. Reading about the dopamine levels being lowered really helps me. I was diagnosed 10 months ago with Tardive Dyskensia, which was brought on by a Bi-polar medicine I had been taking. They explained that it had lowered the dopamine in my system. Since the TD diagnosis if have developed plantir facitis and RLS. At one of my physical therapy appts, the receptionist told me about placing a bar of soap at the foot of my bed. This does work most of the time, but no always. I'd like to lay down now but have had the horrible sensations behind my left knee for the past 3 days. Going to try some tea now and see. Can't wait to try the other suggestions.

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My son had massive dyskenesia from psychotropic meds. We did chelation after dropping all meds. The product we used was Dr Curlers artery something or other. There are other forms of chelation also. Be no longer has it or any problems.

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