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I've been to a doctor about my herpes once. The doctor instantly said it was herpes. Well I was reading about some remedies, and I have figured out one that seems to be working for me (Day 1 of it and it looks gone completely already.) This morning I was feeling the small irritation that happens, (Only have had 1 other major outbreak that I went to the doc for,) and I instantly went and grabbed a bag of ice, some baby oil, and hydrogen peroxide. I rubbed in some baby oil to moisten the skin for the ice to be able to seep in. I then put the ice on and kept the ice on for about 10-15 minutes, didn't use a sheet or anything to cover it, so the cooling affect could happen immediately. After I was done with that, I used a Q-Tip and the hydrogen peroxide, you don't need much. Just enough to soak both ends of the Q-Tip in. I then put the hydrogen peroxide on, rubbed it all over my penis. Then I just put my shorts back on, and have been reading other ways to combat this horrible disease. That's just what I did, and so far so good.. I hope this works, it was the first sign and my first reaction. No more irritation, and no more pain it seems. I also took a few vitamins and plan on taking more throughout the next few days. Immune boosters mainly. Hope this helps, sounds funny to me. But yeah. Hahaha.

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Try propolis my friend. It has helped me in my time of need and I got it from the health food store. Try it and you will be amazed.

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