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I've tried everyone of these treatments at some point my 15yr old used to get head lice at least once a year SORRY! You must comb out every nit there is nothing that actually washes out the nits but I've found one thing that kills the bugs and loosens the nits its truely a miracle! phisoderm facial cleanser or the generic (cetaphil cleanser)leave on for at least an hour,rinse, and (the worst part)comb,comb,comb!

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Thank you for that suggestion.. It actually worked. I knew that free sampler of Cetaphil would come in handy.

My sister brought them from her house and it was torturous to have to deal with it for almost 6 months. Combing and combing day in and out. Just couldnt figure out how to rid myself of the pesty pests


please tell me how to use it. 1: directly or mix with water. 2: wet hair use or on dry hair. 3: how much quantity should i use.

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