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for wax in your ears get siome stool softener capsuales, poke a whole in a couple, heat it up and put it in your ear lean yopur head the other way and wait about 5 minutes, then rinse out with a great big plastic syringe(use warm water) or use the shower spray. This is how they do it at the hospital ER here and it works great! I have vertigo and the Dr said 95% oif the time it is caused by wax pressing on my ear drum, they said you can do it yourself, I do.

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I guess this works if your a shithead!! LOL


Bahaha that was funny!


HAHAHA! WOW that was hilarious! Funniest thing Ive heard all month!


should work for my Husband then, LOL


had a good laugh at the comments best i hae had for a long time made ny day


sorry about the missing letters laptop getting old just like me.


BGWAHAHAHAHA oh wait u r serious?


REALLY??? come on stool softener capsules are glycerin...totally effective in earwax removal...i think its a great tip ... half of you will be trying it when that ear wax pressure builds up in your ears...


Even if effective, you got to admit, the shithead comment was funny. It made my day.

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