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Has anyone ever heard of using Oil of Oregano? The vitamin lady told me to try it...I just told her I have a wart on my foot. She said it will kill the wart by either putting it on topically or by ingesting three drops internally. Don't know if I can ingest it because it smells like paint thinner. Any help would be appreciated!

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Yes Oragano is great for the immune system! it tastes nasty so instead i take capsules of it and use the liquid form diluted in castor oil or any other carrier oil and put that onto the wart. It's strong so don't use too much! Also you can take olive leaf extract in capsules it's also good for the immune system. The best essential oils to mix with castor oil are: cedar leaf (thuja), tea tree, clove (clove bud), lavender, lemon, sandalwood and there may be a few more. Castor oil is amazing because it relieves the itching and really moisturizes and heals the area. Also I heard of a castor oil and baking soda paste you can make to put on warts as well but I haven't tried it yet. Good luck!

Elephant in the Room

I have just started taking oil of oregano orally because I was sick this week, but I thought I would giver a try on my schmack as well. I have been try ACV, but its really tricky to work with because its so runny. The OoO(oil of oregano)is thicker and doesnt wander around as much. I just put some under my foreskin (while erect)but WHOO-wee its a little stinger to say the least. I rewarded my self with masterbation just after, as it is a lubricant per se, and I thought that might help my body relate something good to the whole ordeal. I guess we shall see. I'm considering it for the ones on me bum bum too.

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