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This is not proven but just a theory. The idea behind Minoxidil is to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. So what I do is get a hand scrub brush, pretty stiff, and scrub my scalp while shampooing, to the point where I irritate the skin to be red or tingly. This fools your body into thinking there is an injury on your scalp and promotes blood flow there in attempt to heal the phantom injury, thereby increasing blood flow to the follicles.

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Migrane 101

You can also try getting a club a beat your head to a pulp to a point where your head will have no option but to bleed.


Scrubbing one's scalp does not reverse baldness & grow hair. Almost every other post on this site is absurd, Its as if all the posts are some sort of extra-creepy fake disinformation, or satire. This site's posts are so bad it looks like satire. I cant imagine people could be this fake and cartoonish. Its astounding.

No sentient being would post such stupidity as the posts that are here in all categories. This is profoundly bizarre.


I dnt know it seems to be hv some logic that promotes blood flow...


hey are you calling me retarded?

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