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Trust me this works:

5tbs of creamy penutbutter
1 ice cube
A dash of salt
A drizzle od maple syrup
A can of soup (chicken noodle or tomato are best)
Some of your fav icecream

First: heat up the soup and eat it

Mix all other ingreadence besides ice cube and ice cream together in small cup or bowl.
Put in microwave for 1 min
Stir and add ice cube and ket it cool then drizzle over ice cream and enjoy!!!!
Stir and add ice cube


Eat a bowl of soup (chicken noodle or tomato work best) Then take

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...what? Really??

F's biological father

He is been a asshole...making fun if people who are in pain. When this happens to ur kid...then use it.


& Here is a great Remedy for the Person who gave us this brilliant Remedy .. just as a Thanks.

Buy a Ripe Long Green Pumpkin. Must be atleast 7 inches in width and atleast 9 inched in length.

Peel it and make a Mixture of SALT , PEPPER, LEMON & RED CHILLI'S .. Now rub the Mixture on the Peeled Pumpkin..till its completely Moist.

Now Pull down yr Pants , Bend Over and Shove the Pumpkin hard Up yr arse.. make sure u do that in 1 Hard Quick Shove...

Hope it helps your problem
And When you feel the insides of yr Anus Burning .. plz do think ... is Exactly how our Throats were burnin when we saw yr remedy.


you tell him Nadya!! what an asshole!


I don't see how he's being mean?
I thought it was a good idea!


it actually might work cuz Google/yahoo/about say eating cold foods help just as much as hot foods. So Nadya make another serving for urself cuz it will solve ur problem.:::(((((


Lol, 'heyhey' :) does this work or not? bcuz it seems it could be legit... then a do hope Nayda makes herself a serving as well... if it is a joke then a would agree w/ Nayda. So, legit or not?



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