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I was having the WORST heartburn of my life. It came in waves and doubled me over in pain. This is what I did: STAND UP. Sip Tea made of: Hot Water, Apple Cider Vinegar Tea, Lemon, and Honey. It subsided as I burped a few times and paced a little in my room. I still do not know what brought it on. Hope this helps you as it did me!

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This worked for me!!! Thank you. It's 1am and the heartburn woke me up. I also have a lap and so I'm wary of anything related to heartburn. Your a life saver. I used everything except the apple cider vinegar because I didn't have any.


I use this toner only at night and wash my face in the morning trust me this works for acne just mix water with it and use a coottn ball to apply it rearch it on you tube to see how to make the toner hope this helps some one i don't know if this helps for acne scars

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