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I had a whole heap of plantar warts on my fingers right up next to my nails for about a year and had gotten them frozen by various doctors but they never went away completely. They were pretty tenacious things, one doctor even told me it'd be impossible to get rid of them without removing the entire nail and getting laser treatment (I knew that wasn't true but that just shows that they must have looked pretty bad). I tried a wart remover from the chemist but it wasn't very effective and also caused infection. Then I looked up some natural remedies and firstly tried acv which did absolutely nothing. After that I cut some small pieces of garlic and placed them over the warts and held them there using tape for about half an hour. Now I have a pretty high pain threshold but this hurt like absolute hell. It burned and stung but only on the warts, not on the bits of healthy skin that the garlic was touching. So I knew it was actually doing something. Pretty much straight away the warts started going black and after applying the garlic a few more times for short periods (20-40 minutes) over the next few days big chunks of the wart became black and dead and really easy to just peel off. And they didn't get infected. They did come back a few weeks later but they were tiny, so I just used the garlic again (it hurt less this time) and now they're completely gone. It's been months sice then so I don't think they're coming back. It was so worth the pain

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