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I have had eczema for about 6 weeks, have tried alot of products and lotions,and have read alot about eczema. decided that I would treat the cause not the symptoms. I believe it is caused by an imbalance in your system, mostly bothers people in winter because of a lack of sunlight and fresh fruits and vegtables, also an imbalance of acids in your body. Decided to try probiotics and a good multi vitamin, I also am on a bland diet,no tomato sauce or orange juice which I love and probably have too much of in my diet. Limit acid food and drink. for the symptoms I am using cortizone 10 for eczema,4 timesdaily, followed by a moisturizing stick made for babies, would like to try bag balm. I also started using fragrence free soaps, lotions and laundry detergent, no dryer sheets. I have had a 90% improvement in 24 hours. i had my best night sleep last night, NO ITCHING. I recomend trying not to scratch, put cold pack on flare ups to numb it. I also have not used soap directly on affected area, just rinsed for a couple of days. Hope this helpful to someone, Good luck

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the amount of time you have had eczema is nothing, try having it for 15 years. That's my whole life, and it just wont go away, every time I get close to it disappearing it comes back worse.


have you tried Acidophilus,a probiotic, if you haven't tried it do not discount it till you try it, they are cheap and effective for me. $5.00 at walmart, Nature made brand. If I miss a day I start to itch, If I remember I don't. My excema was allergy induced by wool. Are you sure you aren't around something you are allergic to on a daily basis. Really try a probiotic, it may not work for all but it is worth a try.


this particular disease dose note go away. it heraditary for one. two vitiman c help


I tried Bag Balm and it didn't work for me, but we are all different and it may work for you. Never hurts to try. I bought Cetaphil cream (it's in a tub, not a tube) and that helps alot. Good Luck!

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