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Stephanie Nicole

I have i guess a process that I do whenever I get a ear ache or infection. Mind you I am 20 years old and I'm not certain how this affects kids.

I start by cleaning my ears with a q-tip to remove any wax build up then pouring a capful of peroxide in the hurt ear for about 5-10 seconds, let it bubble it will help loosen the wax build up if that seems to be the issue.

I take a hot steamy shower holding a damp towel under the back of my ear or put hot water in a cup and let the steam rise into the ear.

after my shower I then swab in a bit of vicks into my ear to generate heat since the heat helps release pressure, I also apply vicks on the back on my neck and lightly on my cheeks.

I take 2 penicillin pills that help kill infections.

At bed time i use a heating pad to help keep my ear warm and usually by morning I'm ready and good to go

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Words of wisdom from the MD: 'Never put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear.' It may remove some earwax but push other wax farther into the canal and pack it in.
Also, don't just use penicillin or other antibiotics randomly. Antibiotics need to be taken in its totality, not one now and then. That only masks symptoms and makes the infection stronger and more resistant to antibiotics in the future.


Don't take antibiotics unless you know what you're doing, or a doctor prescribed them. Most likely what you'll do is nothing, but if it is bacterial, if you only take 2 doses of penicillin (which is weak compared to history and may not do anything in the first place) it will kill off a lot of bacteria, but the ones it DOESN'T kill are now resistant to it and will multiply with that resistance. This is why diseases are actually harder to kill with antibiotics than they used to be, because everyone misuses them.


I think you sound a little neurotic and almost compulsive with your ritual. Consult a doctor, preferably, a shrink.


I thought this site was for natural home remedies?


skip the penicillin or you'll be sorry in a few years when you can't get rid of a bad yeast infection or worse.


The infection is viral, its not bacteria

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