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Ok, I wasn't going to post until I was sure that this was working. I got onto this sight out of desperation last night. I have a tooth that the filling came out of, exposing the nerve, and also a tooth that is broken off on the same side. They were both killing me! So I read as many posts that I could and unfortunately didn't have many of the items that were listed at that time of night. I was just about ready to smash up a Tylenol tablet and form a paste with the Oragel I had on hand, when I read someone's post on using Nyquil. That made some sense to me. It is a pain killer in liquid form that also contains alcohol. The post said to rinse your mouth a couple of times with the Nyquil. However, I didn't have Nyquil on hand, but I did have Dayquil. So I tried it, and IT WORKED! I didn't rince my mouth with it, I instead drenched a cotton ball with it and put it directly on the tooth, then let it sit there for about 15 to 20 minutes. It burned a little for the first 3 minutes or so, but then it got better. It has now been about 24 hours, and I am still pain free! Even after eating and drinking whatever I wanted all day! I really hope this helps someone, this is one of the worst pains to be in. Right up there with a really bad ear ache or burn!

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