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Listen people, This virus is bigger than us. Yes maybe if you catch it in the very very beginning a doctor can burn it and if you change your life style your body will beat it. But it sounds like most are in my position... Which is they went a while in denial and the virus had time to grow. I actually posted on this website a year ago and went at my situation aggressively. AVC, burning, freezing, vitamins, etc. Sure it all works a little, they go away, but more will come. Becuase the virus is everywhere, and the reason its coming up is becuase its viral load can over power our immune system. So what to do.... COMMIT!!!! and after 3.5 years of having the virus and 1.5 years of knowing that i was living with it, im making the plunge, and let me tell you....its absolutely no fun. SO first of all stop living in denial and going to the grocery to buy AVC or to office depot to buy cans of duster to freeze qtips (done it all and more). Go see a doctor you can talk to, that doesnt make you feel like a scum bag bc you have an STD. Took me 3 tries untill success. BTW, i am a college educated, attractive/fit, 26 year professional, just to give you a idea of what a doctor sees when i walk in. Also just on a side note, i didnt catch this from hooking up with sorority girls all the time during college. I caught it from my girlfriend of 5.5 years that i am still with, she does not show the symptoms of the virus and caught it from the only other guy she has ever been with prior to me. Go figure, huh? That was just an aside to people who are feeling so horrible about their lives, it can happen to anyone. Back to business....I found a doctor that i can talk to, she did a biopsy and it came back positive for the HPV virus. Not sure what strand, just hoping that its not the high risk, most that show GWs are not. So she then suggested a perscription called Veregen. You can go do your own research on it, there isnt too much to be honest. But i was hoping it would do everything that AVC will but with out the short comings of AVC (ie. aweful smell, burning of skin, application process, and not being something engineered to perform this task) So Veregen is a orange ointment that comes in a small 15 gram tube. You will find a few bad reviews of this drug becuase it does what you never want to happen. IT BRINGS OUT EVERYTHING. Not just the GWs that are visible, the ones that are hanging out under your skin, continuing to add to the HPV viral load. So for me, i have it everywhere; penis head, shaft, testicles, cracks of my leg, perenium, and worst of all....yes my anus. Welcome to it people, i hope no ones experience is as aweful as mine, but the more an more i read, the more common i see this situation. Oh and i have never engaged in any anal activities with a female and especially not with a male, i am straight, nor did have any signs of GWs in any other region besides my penis. After realizing the severity of the situation i decided to stop doing my penis region and focus down there because i dont think i would be able to function in normal settings, like work. So i have spent 5 weeks applying to my perenium and anal region. Its way worse than anyone will ever care to imagine, but getting better by the day. Tonight i finally am going to continue all the other areas. I was depressed and started researching and kept seeing how stupid people are, like i once was, and decided to put out an intellegent post. So guys, im committing to this. I take about 10 different vitamins per day and also was perscribed to Tagamet 400mg bi daily (do your research you will see why i take this), exercise daily, and eat very well. You are what you eat. So that is waht i am doing. I cant promise its going to work, but i can promise all this half ass stuff will not, and that is from experience. If anything it has made it worse because treating this unsuccessfully is when it will spread the most. Guys its going to be expensive, its going to be painful, its going to be emotionally devastating!!!! But you cant just not do anything. I have one amazing tip that i discovered and i havent found anything about it on the internet. If you decide to pursue the Veregen method, which i feel is the most realistic method for people who have been living with the virus for an extended period of time. For example, lets say i could have gotten the ones burned off that i could see, which were very small and nothing like the horrific pictures you see on the internet, i would have never known that i had them everywhere else. I want them gone and i want to supress this virus. Back to my tip, the veregen costs $300 per 15g tube. I can use a tube in less than 5 days. With insurance my perscription costs 60 bucks. So lets say i get 6 tubes in a month, thats 360 bucks. I would do it if i had to but i called my insurance to see what could be done. They told me they have to dispense whatever the doctor perscribes. Meaning if the doctor says i need 90 grams, then they have to dispense me 6 tubes of veregen for one copay. BOOOM. It feels good to win one. I plan to continue updating my progress on this forum. This has made me feel better. I can talk to my girlfriend about it but not like this, becuase she just feels so aweful for being the reason i have it, and she starts crying. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Or if anyone would like to chat about it. There is only one person in my life that knows about this and i know im lucky bc if it wasnt for her than i wouldnt have anyone that i can express my frustration to. I have plenty more i would like to say in this message but i know its already lengthy. Good Luck.

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i made lot of research about it, i have a semi medical education (didn't finish university). not just HPV but basically any virus is uncurable (AIDS is a virus, herpes is a virus, flu etc.). the body has to defeat it, there is not other way. warts are the visible manifestation of the virus, not the virus itself. other illness can depend on bacteria and those are curable with antibiotics but as far as it's a virus is not curable. does not mean that it can't be defeated and might sound naive but this must be your first thought 24/7: your body can naturally defeat it.
I discovered mine 2 weeks ago, anal. I am a male and not necessarily gay. I saw a doctor that sent me to another specialist. in my case the outcome seems related to a combination of factors 1) clearly there is a viral, hpv, infection but that is not enough to generate warts 2) a pre-existing clinical condition in that area 3) not really a depression but close to it 4) micro wounds in the area. Have i been prescribed any cure? nope, because it does not exist. Again and repeat it till it fixes in your head: the body must defeat it naturally. Can you help your body? sure you case but from my point of view ACV is a cure of the symptoms (warts) not of the cause and i am sure many of you that used ACV or any other treatment got them back sooner or later. Health life style sounds too common but is true yet is not enough. Ask yourself what is wrong in your life? it's not a stupid question as far as your answer comes from your deep heart. you know what is wrong inside you. Take care of yourself, love yourself, gift yourself what makes you feel truly happy. You heard that many dermatitis have a neural or psychological origin, is not a simple coincidence. nerves fill up our skin. I am not trying to invent anything but put it this way, it's a virus that only your body can really kill. In order to kill it, your immune system cells must work fine and to do that you must be healthy. i do not believe in immune boosters, your body would defeat it just fine if you are healthy. Then focus on the area where they appeared. is there anything wrong beside the warts? did you unconsciously create favorable conditions for the virus to manifest (scratch, poor hygiene? too many soaps or creams? etc.). that's what i know. Once your BALANCE has been restablished then may consider to remove its visible manifestations and after that with the time you might even become hpv negative. that's what i know, what i am going to do for myself and i wanted to share it. keep in touch.


just to keep you updated.
I went to and STD center and i am at the 3rd treatment now, basically one per week.
Cryotherapy. First 2 treatments did nothing, i yelled a little bit but actually didnt feel much pain at all, but i guess my 'psychologic' pain scared the nurse and he went on light. 3rd treatment the doctor pushed for something stronger, still cryotherapy but strong one. it' was painful but pain didnt even arrive at the night and 1 tablet of very light painkiller did it. next day i started noticing that they were changing color (finally a change) not sure yet about the outcome but this stronger treament seems more effective. about 'the virus being stronger than us', i try to be understanding but as far as the approach costs you nothing you should not think that is stronger than you, that is actually the first step in a battle youy wanna win. start convinving yourself you can win. and you will.
the cure is you, not the cream.

Cesspit Capers

Hey everyone. Don't believe people when they say you can't catch viral infections via cross contamination. You can. I caught oral herpes this way from an unwashed cup. Most recently I caught genital warts in a well known cafe toilet. I also happened to witness how they clean toilets in this country (from inside the bowl up) so I'm not surprised. I didn't touch the toilet bowl but there must have been some other contact with a contaminated surface. It was definitely from the toilets and had an extreme onset: redness, swelling, itching... Lasted a whole week with the warts appearing after the first two days. My friend just caught a bacterial vaginal infection from a club toilet. Ah, what a wonderful cesspit of bacterial, viral and fungal infections post-Communist Central Europe is!

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