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When I was little my aunt told me if you ever burn your finger or hand find someone with long hair and wrap their hair around the burn. The hair will pull the heat out. I know it sounds crazy but it does work.

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Holy hell, it worked. I grabbed the metal part of my fryer just now. I was trying to move it so I grabbed it fairly hard and it took me a few seconds to realize I was being burned. Ran my fingers under water, grabbed an ice pack, but the second I took the pack away, the pain returns. I Googled remedies for burns and saw this. I immediately grabbed my hair. Lol but the pain went away. Well enough that I'm able to type this VIA touch screen. Thankyou!


I did this first when i saw it, It only worked for a little bit for me, I got a scalding burn, Afterwords my mom had me put vinegar on the burn and it stopped hurting :D

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