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After reviewing the comments for Jock itch and finding most of them not scientifically based, or harmful, ive decide to share my thoughts.
Jock itch is a fungal infection, not bacteria, antibiotic creams wont work. Exfoliating with honey and oatmeal is a disaster, the fungus will feed off the honey.
Fungus loves warm, moist environments so if you change the jock environment the fungis will die out.
Change underwear frequently, add bleach when washing underwear, and iron with a steam iron to kill fungus in the fabric, and prevent re-infection. Always wear cotton underwear.

Shower frequently, Applying a barrier cream such as for diaper rash, zinc oxide, etc. will block moisture from fungus.
In extreme cases of itching which can affect your sleep you may take antihistamine tablets, they wont kill the fungus, but will make you feel better.
Washing and rinsing the crotch area with antidandruf shampoo (head and shoulders, selsun blue)is very effective, even stronger is pharmacy grade shampoo called Nizoral (it has a powerful antifungal ingredient. one drop is enough for a rich lather.
If you follow the steps above, you should be fine in 2-3 days.

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Anti-dandruff shampoo is helping. Same fungus family causes dandruff and jock itch (it's a yeast). Will also try the peroxide or vinegar tip.


I tried Head and Shoulders for one day and notice an improvement, Will keep on using and keep you posted.

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