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I started having teeth problems almost 3.5 years ago. Because of weak enamel and genetically bad gums, my molars just started falling apart. Now I have barely any of the bottom molars left, the top ones starting to fall apart, exposed nerves, and throbbing pain that won't let me sleep. This pain is even starting to extend into my right ear and into my front teeth as well because its so bad. I've tried many remedies and some work here and there.

Ibprophen: I have a high tolerance so I take 5 (total of 1000mg) and it works sometimes after waiting for it to kick in.

Brushing and Listerine: Works occasionally if the pain isn't that bad and starts because of something I ate, like sweets. Synsodine (sp) toothepaste worked wonders on my gums when this first started. At this advanced stage, it doesn't help anymore.

Ice packs: works from time to time while I'm waiting for the Ibprophen to kick in. Hasn't worked tonight though.

Warm shower: Only works to get my mind off of it temporarily.

Stretching: I'm a dancer and quite physically active so stretching or doing some Yoga tends to help. It gets my blood flowing, releases endorphins, and puts the 'pain' somewhere else in my body other than the tooth. This isn't really pain for me as I looooove to stretch but it is using more nerves than my tooth!

Tea Bag/Garlic/Clove/Ginger: I didn't have any fresh or ground up garlic, clove, or ginger tonight and most people were using Green or Black tea for the tea bag method so I improvised. I looked on my package of Chai tea and what do you know?! Ingredients include ginger, clove, lemon, etc...letting that sit between my teeth for a bit has taken the pain from a 15, pacing around my apartment, to about a 9 just barely shaking my leg.

Hope this helps somewhat. I'm going to the dentist soon to have the remainder of the broken teeth pulled, the other two molars pulled, and my wisdom teeth taken out. I can't wait for those meds. Lol.

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Been reading alot of the remedies on here.They work for a while but the pain ALWAYS comes back!I have peridontal disease and all of my top teeth are terrible!Rotten,broken and just plain NASTY!I took care of my teeth but it didnt matter.Im hurting like hell now!Been going on for 2.5 yrs!And when you have low income,14 or so bad teeth,what can you do except home remedies!Unless you can get perks or roxys for pain,you do what you can!Just letting people know you WILL figure out what works best for you when your in pain.Good luck to all and toothaches are a B##ch!!!

It's Me

The Ibprophen works the BEST, I also have to take 5 at a time, but it helps better than ANYTHING ELSE.......yes including pain meds!!!!! I have TWO different kinds of pain meds, that DO NOT HELP, with tooth pain!!!! And they are VERY STRONG pain meds, as I've been on different pain meds for 6 years. I have bad teeth, and ibprophen, is what helps. Goodluck, and God Bless.

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