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I tried everything in the world for my cracked tooth and nothing worked I mean nothing I tried every remedy on here so I took a BC POWDER! I usually take them when I get headache I took it within minutes it was gone the best thing ever... don't take 1 but 2...u can buy them at any convience store...I PROMISE YOU IT WILL KILL ANY PAIN YOU HAVE...NO MORE TEA BAGS, CLOVE OIL, OR ANY THING JUST GET A BC POWDER!

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What is BC duno at a convenience store, seriously? thks


what is BC


BC is like a Goody powder, it is a pain reliever crushed into a fine powder!


Play runescape it'll go away


Ive tried alot of stuff on here for a muler that is broke in half and it hasnt worked! i was in so much pain all day and i just tried your BC powder trick and it WORKED! THANK U FOR MAKING THIS POST BC U HELPED ME WITH MY PAIN TODAY!

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