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I have been suffering from the agonizing pain of boils for the past 2 years. I found that using strong scented liquid soap makes them (boils) pip up with in 24 hours.the doctors would put me on medication to clear it up and they would just come back. One day while shopping for soap I seen a brand that caught my eye called yardleys with almond and oatmeal. I thought 'what the heck, I'll try it and see what happens'after using the soap one time I found my boil felt better. After using it daily the boils seemed to disappear. I experimented a little and used lever 2000 and a few hours after using it I felt the pain of a boil arising...I switched back to yardleys and BAM! The boil felt better and started to go away. This is now the soap I use daily but only the almond and oatmeal...I think maybe the oatmeal may be what is helping since it is naturally good for the skin. Out costs about $1.00 per bar and can be found at Walmart and some dollar generals just started selling it. If you suffer from boils like I did try this soap, it may work well for you like it does me!

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Do u still get boil

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