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Elmer Jones

I am a male 65 years of age. Ever since I was 16 I have experienced mouth ulcers that would occur on my lips, tongue, throat, and on the sides of my mouth. Maybe as frequent as 7 times a year and lasting typically 2-3 weeks. Although, I had one bout that lasted six months! It seems that the condition worsened the older I got. Over decades of time I had tried everything under the sun including: vitamins supplements, herbs, not taking analgesics, avoiding certain foods (citric acid, e.g.), etc. in order to alleviate their severity. Some were deep and extremely painful. I noticed that many times they would occur at the same spots in my mouth. When I would have them I would feel sickly and as though my immunity would be very low. I usually would get sores after having the flu or a bad cold. A dermatologist once told me that they really didn't know what caused them but that somehow they were linked to the bodies immune system attacking it own tissue. Okay now the good news.
Several years ago I starting taking 160 mg. resveratrol extract tablets once a day. From that day forward I have been ulcer free! On several occasions I had stopped taking the tablets and the ulcers would once again start to form. But, by doubling up on the dosage to 2 tablets, symptoms would disappear in a day or two. I am still trying to adjust the dosage trying to get it down to 160 mg. once every two days. It was that simple - 'knock on wood.' I have to say that the frequencies of colds are very few and much less severe as compared previously. I think somehow it has greatly improved my immunity toward viruses. Resveratrol has been a blessing to me. I hope others with similar symptoms can experience the same success!

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Mouth ulcers are often a symptom of an intolerance or mild allergy to foods, chemical food additives, or environmental irritants. A good example of this is a gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. In those cases, your body lacks the digestive enzymes to properly digest certain components in those foods. Often, mouth ulcers are a side affect and its often occompanied by intestinal distress. I usually had my daughter frequently swish her mouth with salt water and also a tea tree oil based mouth wash and it relieved the irritation and eliminated the sore quickly. Now I know what caused the sores it iwnt an issue. Its important to know that these I tolerances may not show symptoms until later in life, and as you age will worsen even more. My best advice would be to talk to your doctor and get tested to see if you have I tolerances. A good idea regardless of what your doctor may do, an elimination diet will help you. Treating is great but prevention is better. :)


My 17 y.o. son started with these mouth ulcers that you are explaining a year ago. The past year has been HELL with Dr's and test. Nothing is wrong with him. But he too gets very lethargic when the ulcers are present. He is unable to eat or drink and just sleeps most of the time. He has a major episode per month and then the rest of the time lives with a few small ones in his mouth. I am going to inquire about this med you have posted. At this point I am ready to hire a witch doctor to cure him.


Resveratrol tablets have not been tested enough to say they work wonders. Reading some research from various sites say caution should be taken with these tablets as no proof they work or what after affect they give.


I suffered from severe mouth ulcers that I resort to steroid. I found a natural cure. I was a caffeine addict before and usually sleep 6 hours a day. Mouth ulcers is cause by digestive system stress I think. When I decided to stop using steroid to stop my mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers begin to reappear it is very painful I can,t eat and make me think again of using steroids again. I decide to go on without steroids. I avoid stressing my digestive system. I avoid hard to digest food like fried foods. I avoid caffeinated drinks. Caffeine put too much stress on digestive system. Carrot juice and yakult is better. I avoid too much eating at one time. I divide my whole day meal into 5 instead of 3. My last food intake of the day is a snack at 4 pm. I go to bed at 7 pm, turn the lights off and wake up at 4 pm to prepare for work. My mouth ulcers is gone after one week. Digestive system when given enough rest cures mouth ulcers and other ailments Godbless.


hiive had acne since high school, it sttared when i was about 14 i am now 18 it has calmed down alot but still hasnt gone completely there are new zits every day, id just like to ask you a few questionswhy is the acne always on my face? specificly more mouth and noseand what type of food and drink do you suggest eating?thanks

Elmer Jones

I would like to update my first comment... I am still ulcer free and I know it is entirely due to my use of resveratrol. I take 1 tablet every day or two(320mg). I do periodically feel the onset of a ulcer forming but doubling up to one capsules twice a day stops the progression. I finally started getting a cold a couple of weeks ago too. Doubling up on the resevatrol stopped the progression of it too. I only had a little congestion for a week. Whereas as before, it was miserable congestion for at least 2-3 weeks and then it would progress to my lungs for up to two months. I am truly sold on resveratrol as an immunity booster. My wife takes it too with the onset of a cold and she has had similar results. I experience very little side effect from reservatrol. I do get somewhat loose bowels a minor side effect. My wife is extremely sensitive to intestinal problems but she is not bothered by using it. I do not know if it would work for everyone, but I think people should give it a try. I have nothing to gain by getting people to use it excepted for being excited at how it has made my life better. Don't know what long term negative effects there are if any. I guess I will find that out. One can read a lot of research that has been done resveratrol on Wikipedia.


You may have a rate disease called Behcets, multiple people in this forum might but your description reminds me if my own. You may have a milder case. I have a pretty serious one but it only occurs in flare ups. I can control it mostly by just takin care if myself but anytime my immune system is outta whack it kicks in firstly with mouth sores. They can get so bad that I can't eat drink or talk. When its that bad I also get ulcers in my eyes and on my urethra. There's no real cure for Behcets, prednisone is the best thing for me to quell the flare ups but I hate being on and coming off steroids. They gave me intravenous remicaid to prevent it every three months or so but if rather just deal with the flare ups than be on that drug it didn't cooperate well with me bunsomenpeople like it. I figured I would just fill you in its a rare disease in America but its the leading cause of blindness in Japan. It's an ancient disease as well they used to call it the Silk Road virus. It's hereditary generally.

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