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I got hives about two years ago and got the again. I don't know what causes them though.
I have tried some remedies though.
1) Epsom Salt Bath
it helps a lot. Cool water with about two cups of epsom salt is perfect.
2) Baby Oil
Massagimg it into my skin worked well. The redness disappeared and itching stopped. What i recommed is to do it twice a day and put extra on the redder and puffier areas.

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Rose H.

What type of baby oil are you suppose to use? And fast did it work on the itch? I had my first ever breakout in my life and had been prescribe over 4 different antihistamine medication I have to take in a day plus the steroid and the cortisone cream to no success. I've had hive for over a month now and I only sleep an hour or two a day if I'm lucky. I'm desperate for a relief to atleast give me my life back.

Amy : l]

Unscented baby oil
Also outmeal works great.
Here's my recipe for an oatmeal paste that works great.

1 cup oatmeal ground in food processor
1 tsp baking sodA
Apple cidar vinegar 1/2 cup
Water 1 tbsp
Honey 3tbsp


Hey, I tried this and it worked!!!! I had an allergic reaction to the medication...cephalexin (which is an antibiotic like penicillin). I was prescribed two different prednisones that worked as long as I was taking them, but when I finished them...the HIVES came right back. The only thing that I added to this formula was Emu Oil (cream and pure oil - 2 different bottles). I put it on after I put the paste on. So, I made the paste with Oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, water, and honey. I blended it and put it on all the HIVES. It was a GOOEY mess, but I LOADED it on. Then, I put the Emu Oil over that. Then, repeated all of this for 5 minutes. I let everything dry on my body for about 30 mins. Then, I took a lukewarm/cool shower. Then, I put more Emu Oil on all of the hives and left it on and went to bed. When I awoke....they were all gone!!!!!

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