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Kristy in Missouri

I'm still working on the total elimination of my migraines. I have suffered with them since I was six or seven, I'm thrity-nine. My great grandmother had them before they were termed migraine. He sick headaches would put her in bed for a day or two. I treated them with tylenol until college. Then it completely quit working. Orudis KT worked wonderfully, but it is no longer available. I've gone through several years of trying different pain pills since then. Sometimes they work by themselves (not usually). Usually I have to use a variety of things. A hot compress, really hot (gel pack), across the eyes and forehead really helps. Gatorade helps take some of the pressure off the head while the medicine absorbs into the body. I don't know if its the electrolites or what? I hate gatorade so its like medicine to me. Another thing that helps is a light blocking eye mask. Got it at Walmart cheap. Blocks all light, and makes everything pitch black. When I was doing Atkins I hardly had any migraines. I'm sure that processed foods, white sugar, and flour have something to do with my migraines. Whole, natural, and non-processed foods seem to make a big difference. One more thing I've noticed is the barometric pressure. When it changes, snow or rain, I get migraines. A drastic change int he weather will trigger a migraine.

I hope this helps someone. If your like me you don't remember what a normal headache feels like. I will be trying the B3, and maybe the pineapple. Really glad to find this site.

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i totally agree with your method of treating your migraine the only thing now it that there is a recall on excedrin and that was the only thing that helped put someone kind of relief in the pain.


I know what you mean about the change in air pressure. The weather suddenly got cold yesterday, and we had snow during the night, and I was hit with a WHOPPING migraine. It lasted all night and nothing helped. Tylenol has stopped working for me, too, and Advil isn't much better. Now the weather is warming up again, which means another change in pressure, and my migraine, nausea, and weakness still haven't completely gone away. I had to take the day off work because I couldn't function.


If you hate gatorade try smart water. It has the electrolytes like gatoratde without the nasty taste. hope this helps.

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