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Get rubbing alcohol and put on your affected areas.rub on with toilet paper or cleanex.

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alcohol will only dry out the area, forcing the skin to create oil, which will only make the acne worse.


Rubbing alcohol is a bad idea. It causes the face's oil glands to secrete more oil as a way of balancing the effects of the 70% isopropyl that is found in the alcohol. And, this causes your face to be dry and red.


rubbing alcohol=the devil


rubbing alcohol can leave long term marks trust me i've seen its affects


rubbing alcohol is terrible for your face, TERRIBLE!


This works depending on how you use it, how much you put on, and how often. I've done it, and it works. It may turn red but its worth it. My face has never been soo smooth. This is as simple as it's going to get. I First wash my face with hand soap, perferly Dove. Afterwards I wash with rubbing Alcohol. Alcohol will KILL THE BACTIERIA IN and AROUND the infected pores, and washing a few times a day keeps skin oils off the site so they won't clog pores. This does help to make it better. There are alot of reasons why its not working for you, like stress, or inproper use. its better to do it before you go to sleep so that the redness will disappear over night. dont wear make-up right after you put on alcohol. Rubing alcohol is a good way to take off make-up. Try to get Facts straight...Alcohol KILLS BACTIERIA IN & AROUND infected pores. washing a few times a day keeps skin oils off the site so they won't I REPEAT: WILL NOT clog pores.
Also, if 'an accident' happens, rince with peroxide, put nealsporen and put a bandade on it over night to prevent infection and scaring.


Also i forgot to mention on the post right before this:
If this does not work, please consult with your dermetologist.


alcohol will completely dry out and destroy your skin!


i tried this and it like burned my skin leaving red blothes everywhere for around a week


it works sometimes

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