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i've tried everything, literally. but only one thing worked, and i wanted to share my story.

last night, i went to bed around midnight and at 1:08am [weird how you remember the exact time when it's something like this that wakes you up, right?] and i felt a pain like i've never had before. the dreaded toothache. i am not a hillbilly or poor person, bum, you name it - but my tooth all the way in the back cracked several months ago and to be honest, it's not given me issues so i just let it sit. there's a huge hole on the top of my tooth, to the point where almost the entire top of my tooth is gone, exposing what i am guessing is the 'pulp' of the tooth as well as nerves. anyway, on to the good stuff.

i tried everything that this site said as well as what other sites said to do, and nothing worked. then i came across someone's post where they said to eat something ON THE SIDE OF THE HURTING TOOTH [screech] and cover the hole up with the food. i did this, but it STILL hurt. in fact, it hurt so much more worse that i sucked hard instead of getting something to get the food out with and guess what? IT DID THE TRICK. sucking that hard sent a SHOCK through my entire body just about but immediately after that, the pain was gone. there was a little bleeding but nothing bad, only lasted a literal second or two. i'm assuming it was a clot or blood built up that needed to get 'let out' for the relief i was looking for.

now, i need to try and sleep. but please let me know if this worked for any of you.

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As soon as I felt yge shock I got interrupted and was able to suck the shock but I'm trying


Sucking on a tooth like the author described works. I was in VERY bad pain for a long time and sucking helps. It does send the jolt, but very effective and makes the pain go away, if not immediately then in a few minutes. If the pain didn't go away means I have to keep on sucking. Sometimes I manage to suck not to the point of "jolting", and at times that works too - seems like I am draining an abscess (?) little by little. I came across this site when I discovered that sucking works and wanted to see if anyone else experienced it.


I actually discovered this recently and it's literally saved my mouth, all of my upper teeth need to come out I had 5 out a few years ago and got partial dentures, the dentures seem to have ruined what remained they're all broken and I spend Bout 80\\% of my life wishing I was dead because I'm in so much pain. Now I just just suck out the infection and blood and clean my mouth good and it makes a whole world of difference, I know it's not a cure but I'm so thankful.


Here to confirm it works. Many painkiller pills, icing it, not lying down horizontally and all kinds of tricks didn't help, this did. I didn't feel the sudden jolt of pain some here mention, i stopped sucking because i kinda gave up on it working, and then a few minutes later the pain was just gone.

(And to those who are pissed we aren't going to see dentists; some of us are, I'm scheduled for an appointment tomorrow since Friday.)


I have a small hole in the top of my tooth it hurts so bad I don't know what to do I tried sucking it until sum come out but it just hurt worse


Literally killing .. tried suction worked I guess but my God that taste !!! Until the next time

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