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i've tried everything, literally. but only one thing worked, and i wanted to share my story.

last night, i went to bed around midnight and at 1:08am [weird how you remember the exact time when it's something like this that wakes you up, right?] and i felt a pain like i've never had before. the dreaded toothache. i am not a hillbilly or poor person, bum, you name it - but my tooth all the way in the back cracked several months ago and to be honest, it's not given me issues so i just let it sit. there's a huge hole on the top of my tooth, to the point where almost the entire top of my tooth is gone, exposing what i am guessing is the 'pulp' of the tooth as well as nerves. anyway, on to the good stuff.

i tried everything that this site said as well as what other sites said to do, and nothing worked. then i came across someone's post where they said to eat something ON THE SIDE OF THE HURTING TOOTH [screech] and cover the hole up with the food. i did this, but it STILL hurt. in fact, it hurt so much more worse that i sucked hard instead of getting something to get the food out with and guess what? IT DID THE TRICK. sucking that hard sent a SHOCK through my entire body just about but immediately after that, the pain was gone. there was a little bleeding but nothing bad, only lasted a literal second or two. i'm assuming it was a clot or blood built up that needed to get 'let out' for the relief i was looking for.

now, i need to try and sleep. but please let me know if this worked for any of you.

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I have many years experience with toothaches and tooth decay. There are two main causes of toothache: exposed nerve and pressure. The pressure can be caused either by a localized infection (abscess) or food packed in a cavity. What you did was suck out the abscess, momentarily shocking the nerve which explains the jolt you felt, and relieved the pressure. Sucking will NOT relieve the pain of an exposed nerve, in fact it will make it worse! The only true remedy I have found for nerve pain is to swish small sips of whiskey or vodka on the affected area every time it hurts. It kills the nerve within a day or two, and kills the pain in the prosess.


I have been up all night in terrible pain ! and can not believe the sucking thing worked ~~~ thank you god I am so tired ~~~~~ my pain just went from a 9 to a 4 no kidding ~~~

sally brooks

My mouth is really BAD all of my teeth have broken off at the gum, some have big gapping holes going up in the gum. Looks horrible but because of the extensive and expensive work that needs to be done I can not afford it. I tried all the remedies listed, but the one that works for me is epsom salt in an old sock (clean of course) and heated in microwave, as hot as you can stand and then I put it in the area of the tooth that is hurting, on the outside of your mouth repeating this action several time sleep with it if you can this draws out the puss like a pimple on the gum inside your mouth. If you pop it be sure not to swollow it. AHA relief....hope this might be of help. And if anyone haa any idea where I can get help with money and dentist it would be very appreciated


The reason why this is working is because you are literally sucking the puld and nerves of your tooth out the bleeding and little bits and pieces that come from the hole are the result and why you feel a sudden shock but only for a moment because of the nerves being killed. You are literally killing your tooth.


You're not killing the nerve... that's happening regardless. The pain is due to Gaseous Necrosis, which is the gases released during tissue decay remaining trapped within the tooth and building up pressure to the point of nerve compression, and therefore, pain. Now although I can't say exactly what causes the jolts of pain at the precise moment the pressure is released, I can presume that it IS indeed the release of the gas pressure (from sucking it out) that causes temporary relief. This will not work for every case because not every toothache is caused by gaseous necrosis, and not every case of gaseous necrosis will offer a route for the gases to escape the tooth.


lol at


Exactly but I'm concerned with my story being identical to the T with your complete post. I literally cracked my Back molar in half (literally no back side) never gave me issues but I sucked a stuck chip out of it and pain like I never felt rushed and almost made me vomit. After a total of a minute completely gone. But maybe it's the nerves eventually showing their true colors


Going through the same problem myself. Split tooth, back bottom left ,big hole. Lots of pain. I think I'm sucking the blood out of my inflamed gums. But twice now I've gotten out a small blood clot. ...If I get that Shockwave of pain. It does kind of reset things and relax the pain for a bit!


I find sucking air in at the spot where it hurt takes the pain away.


So I had a wisdom tooth at the back break, I cant see but can feel the gum and tooth? It hurts if I put my tongue on it. However, I didn't feel pain for weeks now suddenly I feel these pulses of pain every few minutes, but coming from one of the molars about 2 teeth down? (At least it feels like that) So confused, I should go to the dentist but didnt wanna shell out for it

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