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i've tried everything, literally. but only one thing worked, and i wanted to share my story.

last night, i went to bed around midnight and at 1:08am [weird how you remember the exact time when it's something like this that wakes you up, right?] and i felt a pain like i've never had before. the dreaded toothache. i am not a hillbilly or poor person, bum, you name it - but my tooth all the way in the back cracked several months ago and to be honest, it's not given me issues so i just let it sit. there's a huge hole on the top of my tooth, to the point where almost the entire top of my tooth is gone, exposing what i am guessing is the 'pulp' of the tooth as well as nerves. anyway, on to the good stuff.

i tried everything that this site said as well as what other sites said to do, and nothing worked. then i came across someone's post where they said to eat something ON THE SIDE OF THE HURTING TOOTH [screech] and cover the hole up with the food. i did this, but it STILL hurt. in fact, it hurt so much more worse that i sucked hard instead of getting something to get the food out with and guess what? IT DID THE TRICK. sucking that hard sent a SHOCK through my entire body just about but immediately after that, the pain was gone. there was a little bleeding but nothing bad, only lasted a literal second or two. i'm assuming it was a clot or blood built up that needed to get 'let out' for the relief i was looking for.

now, i need to try and sleep. but please let me know if this worked for any of you.

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I know what u mean about the shock through the body that's a temporary fix but its scary to do if u ask me it hurts but it works I thought I was the only one to experience that shocking effect thingy


Yea, I thought I would let you know. I've also tried about everything and the sucking use to work, but eventually it didn't help either. What you probably did was suck the infection right out of your tooth. I beilieve that is why it helped me. I think my nerve finally died today after 3 days of rather nasty pain that no-matter what whould not go away. Ironically I am having the tooth pulled tomarrow, but in case this happens to you. You might hit a point where no-matter what you do sucking, clove oil, cyanne pepper, alcohol, raw garlic, ginger, peroxide, mouth wash, really anything does not work. After 3-4 days of pain like that I felt a few of those same shockwaves you are talking about and minuutes later felt better. Your nerve may have died, but if it hasn't I thought this might help.


Omg I am experiencing the same thing. It is intense, almost unbearable pain that is coming from a hole in my tooth. Today it was AWFUL and I thought maybe I had gotten a piece of food stuck in it so I started sucking on the tooth with the hole--only to feel this sharp horrible pain that was worse than I was already feeling. But that pain was gone in an instant and somehow the other pain is gone also (for now)

Frantisek Hrdy, Prague

Few tips from sufferer of fallen off fillings and sub-sequential gum inflammation:
Temporary killing the pain: Alcohol or analgetics applied locally.
Always calming when applied directly: Honey, sucking-out the pain, Echinacea oil, chewing or smoking lavender, small fresh tomato
Applied beside the teeth: Himalayan salt crystal, garlic
Always killing the pain: Clove (only the ball) immersed in powdered analgetics (Valetol) and echinacea oil for 30 minutes and put right into the precisely cleaned and alcohol or Listerine washed hole. Covered with bee-wax. This saved me for three days!


I was reading all the good info on this website n then out of no where for no reason i sucked my tooth where it hurts n i felt better n then i read this n i was shocked!! Because it worked!


I see where several of you 'sucked' on your tooth but my pain is on the bottom in the back(where my wisdom tooth was removed) and I don't know how to suck whatever might be in it out! After the wisdom tooth was extracted it became seriously infected and took almost a month to get rid of the infection! Btw my tooth was extracted about 3 months ago and it is still hurting! I have also had pieces of bone come out and I'm wondering if maybe it is infected again! Please someone help!


To the last poster, you may have a dry socket. Hopefully you have been to the dentist to get it checked out by now. It's definitely not right to be sore so long after extraction.


Sucking on a tooth doesn't not work and this pain is excruciating!!!


Honestly theres NO way this SHOULD'VE worked, but I sucked really hard on it like 4 times then it started bleeding and hurting more than it did before...but I kept sucking and maybe a minute later I felt little pieces of I'm guessing (hoping) food or something coming out along with a really bad taste, so I kept doing it until nothing else came up then I rinsed the hole with small sips of hydrogen peroxide/warm water for maybe 3 minutes and it took the pain from 9 to 4. The pain left is from the swelling of my tooth which had swelled a bit more with the sucking but so far the Ibuprofen and a piece of warm bread over the tooth is taking the swelling pain from a 4 to a 1.5, this all happened within 15 minutes and I feel it going down even more as I type but I still can't believe sucking on it and putting bread over it actually worked..??


Really really weird to know that this sometimes works for other people and they feel the same thing. Thought I would post on here that u read on another post using the spray for sore throats. Until I read it didn't even realize it has numbing stuff in it. So if other doesn't work try that.

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