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Hello, if you are here that means you just discovered you have Angular cheilitis another word for severe chapped lips and reddish sores in the corners of your mouth. It seems like as soon as you get out of the shower you have to put chapstick on otherwise your lips shrivel if you are feeling this this means you have passed the stage of just regular chapped lips (little dryness) that just a little aquaphor can fix. When you have cracks in corner of your mouth and your lips feel real tight this means that your lips either have bacteria or a fungus thriving in the cracks of your mouth because they are moist. This bacteria or fungus is just the normal bacteria and yeast on our skin that multiply when it can (opportunistic). This is the very reason why some treatments work for some people because it depends what infection they have either fungal, bacterial , or even both, or some people use carmax or aquaphor because it wasn't infected and that works for them. I just got it recently and had no idea what it was wrong with my lips because I did not develop the reddish crusty sores on the corner of mouth at first it was a weird feeling of rawness and tightening and did not appear by looking at my lips that something was wrong but the feeling was awful so of course I tell people and they act like I'm being dramatic well little did I know i was passed just using chaptick but of course I bought aquaphor, blistex ect with no help just kept getting worse but it didn't look bad to other people. I then saw little red spots so I was like omg I'm getting cold sores but it was just inflammation and I started using abrevia which only made it worse by the way I never had any cold sores but if you ever had a cold sore during this time you are more and likely to get one so buy abrevia to have on hand because imangine angular cheilitis and a cold sore that would be terrible especially if you are a girl. Remember a cold sore starts off as a little tingling and painful sore spot on the lip or the edge of it before it appears so as soon as you feel that you put that abrevia or denavir (stronger + more expensive) and at night warm a tea bag and break it open put the cream on and put the tea that you broke out of the bag and put it on top because Black tea has tannic acid that helps prevent blisters and sleep like that. Anyways so back to AC, the tighteness went on for a month!!!!! then all of sudden I woke up with yellowish crust on corners of mouth and on bottom lips I was horrified and didn't know what it was I made an appointment with my doctor he told me it is AC and said take B complex and Vitamin C and said just wait it will get better and if you are younger doctors will give you denavir cold sore cream because they assume (I'm a nursing student and seen doctors usually assume certain things about younger patients). my doctor was nice but I don't think doctors fully grasp how devastating and embarrassing it is and I mean it really is chapped lips not cancer so they don't take it seriously and if you have not experienced it for yourself you honestly don't know and others you have not had it are just like it is just chapped lips (lol). Okay, now first when you read don't get scared like I did I saw that people had it for years or months and I had it for a month and 17 days so when I was reading everyone's experience i was crying that this is going to be forever and when you read the causes they say people with chemo treatment, elderly, and Hiv patients and you are like I'm young and not seriously sick what in the world?! So, I'm letting you know it can be stress and maybe if you usually eat healthy and stop like I did because of school and drank coffee that is probably why it happened to me then it got infected so just remember the people that have been suffering it for years probably have and underlying disease like celiac, diabetes, or hypothyroidism or even taking anitbiotics or accutane. It took a month and 17 days just because I didn't now about it and what infection it was mine in particular was secondary fungal infection so that explains why antibacterial cream, hydrocortisone cream, and chapstick didnt work. A fungal infection has to be treated it won't go away just as a bacterial infection. So one thing you have to learn don't use ANY chapstick it will only make it worse or infect the rest of your mouth by moving it around. Use vaseline and dip q-tips in it and NEVER DIP TWICE and WASH HANDS before each application with antibacterial soap is key this will help you feel better but that is not going to treat it. So, now I have lol heard everything what people have done use tea tree oil, OTC antifungal for jock itch or monistat (vagisil), vinegar, grapefruit extract, alcohol, antibacterial antibitoic cream ect. Okay well in the beginning if your infection is not bad tea tree oil can work it is good because it is used for bacteria, virus, and fungus so it takes out the guessing work so if you don't have a lot of money you can buy it at a health store but as for me mine was there for a good while so i had to get an antifungal prescribed to me which i used Nystatin now at first i was dissappointed i thought the next day by magic it would look a lot better well it didn't at all!!! i kept up with it by the third day it dramatically improved. Now with an antifungal remember you HAVE to keep up with it even when you are all better mine I have to apply twice for thirty dys after that I intend to use tea tree oil and mix it with vaseline and put it on my lips at night especially around the corners to act as a barrier for drool (maybe that is a reason too! i am a side sleeper). because if you are not consistent with treating the infection either it is fungus or bacterial it will happen again and of course you don't want it!!!! Since mine is caused by fungus I do gargle with one drop of tea tree oil and water (trust me it is disgusting/potent one drop is enough) and brush teeth after each meal with plain crest tartar control (at this time stay away from high potent toothpaste with colors go basic) and also take two probiotics and of course taking B-complex and a multi vitamin with vitamin C. Nutrtion is important but it will take time but during this time drink the recommended water with a straw I just used water bottles they have 2 serving sizes so I drank four bottles each day and took all supplementation but of course you also have to eat healthy your body absorbs it better so eat oatmeal, carrots, broccoli, banana (because it doesnt burn like oranges) sweet potatos, yogurt low in sugar, make fruit smoothies or protein smoothies ,eat chicken ,turkey burgers (cut up patty and chicken in pieces) you need protein to heal. Remember vitamin defficiencys seen with AC are B vitamins, Iron, Folic acid, and Vitamin C so keep that in mind while choosing foods to eat. Now if it bacterial you can get an antibacterial oitment like neosporin if a mild infection but if not go get an antibiotic ointment prescribed that is stronger and don't even use hydrocortisone if a doctor recommends it because it is not going to do zip it decreses inflammation but has a lot of side effects you can decrease inflammation other ways like a warm tea bag. Don't touch your lips leave it and don't go buy that AC Cure book people have given the steps out for free here and other sites which can work too the treatment with washing the lips with antibacterial soap first the putting vaseline on for two hours. It is very drying though, but the key with to these steps make sure you try not to contaminate anything act like you are about to perform surgery the writer said to use 2 bowls so you clean it right there not touching the faucet don't skip those steps I see why he said to do this don't skip to an easier version of it do the full steps with washing and cleaning the area before starting the steps. I say after you perform this treatment and it works for you still continue a healthy diet and supplementation and mix tea tree oil with vaseline and wear it at night especially to prevent it coming back and actually making sure it's cleared. I think that is why sometimes this treatment does not work with everyone especially if it is fungal because it takes awhile for it to clear. Now if you tried all these and properly used these treatments with no success see if there may be another cause go get a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) it gives an overall status of your health checks multiple things like protein, glucose, kidney function ect. Also consider the idea of Canididia Albicans if you are overall feeling fatigue and grumpy, plain 'just not right' It means that fungus/yeast has developed so much in other parts of your body you may not see that you are going to need to take oral antifungal medication like diflucan and you HAVE to bring it up to doctors or medical field really don't know a lot about fungus and this can cause many people to be sick for years and they take every test known to man without avail then the doctor might stereotype you as a hypochondriac, that it is all in your mind ,so that too could be an underlying cause. Trust me I know how it is to feel noone understands what you are going through and you wonder why it just can't be treated as a nursing student I get very frustrated that it seems like noone ever knows anything when you seek care and you waste all your money on 'guessing' . This is why when I become a nurse I'm going to explain and really try to see the patient's view! sorry so long but i promised after having it i was going to share my eperience and explain what it is and what to do!

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First, thank you for sharing your story. Second - please take this advice with a smile - stream of consciousness writing is difficult to follow. Punctuation and paragraph breaks are your friend. The information you wrote about was good, but I almost gave up reading before the end...

Hope your AC treatment continues to work for you!



thanks for the info - but it's almost impossible to read, which is really frustrating when one is desperate for info... your message could be really helpful if you used paragraphs ...... there's a reason that they're in all the books, papers, articles etc. that you read.....
regardless, thanks for your effort.


Thank you very much for sharing! Question: did the white dots on your lips ever go away? I don't know if they're related to the AC, but I have them too, and don't know if I should apply Nystatin to all parts of my lips, or just the sides. Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope to be over this soon also!


I stopped reading :(. I agree with the comments above. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into your post

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