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When I was a young girl and going to school every year I would come home with head lice or my sister would and we shared a room and we were always both infested with them.

A remedy my mom used all the time and It never hurt was lamp oil and vinegar.

What she would do because we were usually poor and the Ridx shampoo never worked especially if you have very thick hair was she would go to the family dollar pick up a gallon of vinegar and two bottles of lamp oil.

First we would have the vinegar in our hair and make sure it is very much soaked with it and wrap it in a towel for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Then we after it was rinsed out we would take lamp oil and put it in our hair for another hour and wrap in a towel. After it was done we would rinse it out and shampoo our hair.

It would always kill the hardest lice to get rid of in one treatment. The only thing you would have to do after that is wash bedding and such things.

I hope it helps for you like it always did for us.

Good Luck!

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well I hope this works I have try everything that rid medicine sucks after doing my grand daughtrer's head on five different occasions in the last three months I'm going crazy wish me luck they say mom is always right so Iam crossing my fingers


My husband is a holistic doctor and so was his dad. He told me his dad used to tell people kerosene worked well to get rid of lice. You just confirmed that! Thanks.

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