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I am so upset and cant stop crying, I was just diagnosed today with herpes after I went to my OB about a couple sores I have on my vagina that hurt. I don't know where it came from and if it wasnt for my husband being so supportive of me, God only knows what my depression would cause me to do. I am 9 months pregnant and only 11 days left until I get induced. I will start my 7 day prescription of acyclover that the Doctor gave me tomorrow but I need a remedy to heal my sores ASAP because if I hit labor any day soon I will get a c section which i want to avoid. I just went to Walmart and bought Lysine vitamins, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. I couldnt find a bottle of Melissa/lemon balm but I will go to the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC tomorrow to mix a capsule with aloe gel to use on my sores. Does anyone have any other solutions that are quick and don't burn too much?

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Try Neosporin and Clobetasol ointment.

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