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I am so upset and cant stop crying, I was just diagnosed today with herpes after I went to my OB about a couple sores I have on my vagina that hurt. I don't know where it came from and if it wasnt for my husband being so supportive of me, God only knows what my depression would cause me to do. I am 9 months pregnant and only 11 days left until I get induced. I will start my 7 day prescription of acyclover that the Doctor gave me tomorrow but I need a remedy to heal my sores ASAP because if I hit labor any day soon I will get a c section which i want to avoid. I just went to Walmart and bought Lysine vitamins, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. I couldnt find a bottle of Melissa/lemon balm but I will go to the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC tomorrow to mix a capsule with aloe gel to use on my sores. Does anyone have any other solutions that are quick and don't burn too much?

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Are you cursed for life because you 'guessed' at where to point blame? Or are you cursed for life because someone loved you and stayed with you? Hope you're old enough, and mature enough to teach your kids with a better frame of mind. Since you're cursed with them now too. ... such harsh words. Shame on you for using them in the same paragraph as God.


this girl started a post for advice on how to get help from a person with experience, not to be scolded or pointed at for beaing u think god appreiciates how u respond to someone in need of help...hipricrates.. sometimes preaching only makes things worse when not handled corectly. back to the young lady whom started this post i want to say im very happy for u and your family sticking togather and fighting this awful problem we live with..i dont believe siliva will transfer the disease to someone else if thay happen to drink from your cup or take a bite off your fork that u are using..but im not positive..i have been in thease situations before and nothing has happend and i have told my family and friends about my STD it actully helped with the stress and thay allways say i forget u have an std and i say i never can. but im allways looking out for others to prevent passing this along. congradulations on the baby boy i have one now and one on the way in june both boys...p.s im the guy that said to use the desitin back when u started this post. it works for us everytime instantly


I agree with rose. Your husband gave it to you. He probably cheated on you because you were being a great person and carrying his child. And by being pregnat you probably had less sex which is understandable sweetie, so the bastard cheated on you.

Make him get std tested and specifcally for herpes hsv1 and hsv2. Even if the tests come bck negative make him get tested again in 6 months. Make him give u a copy of the results. If there positive divorce him and get him for all u can

helpfrom 916

Stannous fluoride works...and actually kills the virus on the surface. You can get in in Viaderm for like 80 bucks for a 4 oz bottle I think but I just found out that Crest Pro health Toothpaste has it in it for like 4 bucks a tube. Stannous Fluoride is actually Tin II a chemical compound. Works wonders for me. Cuts an outbreak down to a simple itch if I aply it once i feel the burn sensation of an outbreak coming on. Need to apply it topically about 3 times a day though so as to not let it rub off from your underwear. Ladies Im not sure how it would work with your 'inner area' but IM sure topically, dermal application would be fine. Has to be CREST PRO HEALTH read the active ingredient, 99% of most toothpastes use Sodium Fluoride and thats a whole different chemical compound. And most people in the world have this virus, just like most people have had chickenpox, its just the location of the sores and stigma of modern day sexual awareness that has so many people 'devasted' by it.


You sound a lot like me when I was first diagnosed. Trust me and the others's not the end of the world. It takes some getting use to, and you'll have to learn on your own what works and doesn't work for you. I've found that just eating better....more veggies and less junk food has worked wonders. If I'm extremely stressed, I immediately start trying to make an effort to relax. Chamomile tea, yoga, etc. Also, if I do begin to feel that first tingle, I try to keep hydrogen peroxide wipes and use them a few times a day when going to the restroom. I do want to say this, though. Herpes comes from direct contact. My doctor specifically told me that it doesn't come from sharing a doesn't even live long enough on a washcloth to cause you to get it....right in your genital area. I'm not saying confront him, but just keep that in mind. I too was married when I contracted herpes. He refused to let me go with him to get tested...I divorced him. NOT saying that's what you should do, I'm just saying...


Okay first all these ppl saying divorce your husband are ridiculous, if they're really in love and both have it why not stay together it would actually do less harm that way.
I got mine from my hubby, been together for 7yrs never once cheated on him and never had an outbreak until I was 7mos preg with our 4th child, well we have consant sex even while I'm preg so I'm pretty sure he didn't cheat like everyone will start assuming, NO his ex wife contracted it when she cheated on him, he never once had an outbreak, and all blood tests came up negative, also so did mine till our 4th child, well we both have it it does stay dormant for as long as it wants, also men may not know they have it because they may not have an outbreak on they're penis, but on they're legs ect that may not come to a full blister...
You can also contract from useing anything that has touched a broken blister... Like if you shave down there ect. And then accidentally use it.

Sweetie all these women who say divorce your husband cuz he cheated and is lying are bitter and wanted out of they're marriage and was prob cheated on through out and waiting for an excuse to leave... Ppl need to grow up

I'm mad I have it but what can I do. I usually forget untill an outbreak comes but i usually get them where my pelvic bone and thigh meet so its consantly aggravated front the rubbing of skin.
Everything will be okay,and ignore all the ingnorant hateful posts
Congratulations to you and your family on your baby boy!!! They are such a blessing!!!


Do not do any'home'remedies without your doctor's approval. Vitamin C is harmful to the fetus in the third trimester.


Since I see people saying that you should ask your husband where you got it, I just want to tell you some things. 1-It doesnt really matter where you got it cause you have it and knowing where it came from wont make it go away. 2-IF your husband did cheat and give it to you, he will probably feel SO bad that he will never cheat again (and he already has it too). 3-Oral AND Genital Herpes are interchangeable viruses that can go dormant for long periods of time and is still transmittable in dormancy. So you or your husband could have shared chapstick or a drink or something with someone that gets coldsores (even if they didnt have one at the time) and then through oral sex, you ended up with it. 4-No matter how you got it, be greatful you have a wonderful supportive husband, for better or worse.
and lastly, like people say, they get less severe and less frequent as time goes on. My mom once told me 'I rather have Herpes then allergies!' (and she has both)


Ok, I hate to be so hypocritical, but does anybody else think that it's suspicious that she didnt know where she acquired her new 'friend' and suddenly HER HUSBANDS MOTHER becomes the scape goat? That sounds too convenient. Maybe his mother was nice enough to lie for her son to save his relationship. Im just saying. But we all are terrible for contemplating. She didnt ask for advice on her relationship.


ok i have had herpes ( genital for over 25 years. mine came from a rape ( I also got HPV at the same time) when i was in my early 20's but I have done alot of research over the years and have learned a lot about this disease. First You can not get this disease from a toilet seat, towel or any other object. The disease needs a warm host to live in. It can last a few minutes on a hot towel or wash cloth but can not live longer then a minute on such a surface. And those who say that you can be a carrier of this disease and not have an outbreak is a TRUE statement. Some people can carry the disease and never know they have it. Some people could have had such small outbreaks as well where they might not even realize they have it. How many people might see a small bump somewhere on their body and as long as it doesn't bother you too much you don't think anything about it, or you think it's a pimple, a boil, a bug bite or whatever. It is possible to not know you have this condition. It is also possible to be a carrier without having outbreaks.

The people who attack and call people liars are only acting out on their own anger for whatever reason. Not everyone cheats and believe it or not there are some honest people out there. believe me from someone who was raped and taken advantage of by men when i was in my teens and early 20's I never trusted anyone but Like the one person said it doesn't really matter where the disease came from once you have it. You need to accept that you have it and learn all you can about it to keep you and your family comfortable with it.

There is no cure for herpes and there is nothing to stop the sores from coming. Some people only get minor sores every so often. some never get them after the first few times and some people suffer severely from it. Everyone is different and what works for one person does not work for everyone. you need to do some research and find what helps you.

Stress, alcohol and drug abuse are the biggest triggers of outbreaks. Also a weakened immune system. You need to try to stay healthy and lessen your stress the best you can.

I have to say if your husband was the one who came up with the towel story with his mother's herpes I have 2 things to say, it is possible that either he had cheated and feels guilty but not enough to admit it, or he might have had it and didn't even realize that the virus was in his system from a previous relationship or that he is very uneducated about the virus and thinks you really can get herpes from a towel.

Now that yoou have this virus do your research. it is so easy now with the internet, read many articles or sites about the virus and you can learn the facts yourself and together you can learn to deal with these issues and move forward. There is no reason this virus needs to stop you from being happy. It is not a death sentence it is just a condition that is annoying and painful only once in a while.

Good luck to you and your family and to everyone who suffers this condition.

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