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I am so upset and cant stop crying, I was just diagnosed today with herpes after I went to my OB about a couple sores I have on my vagina that hurt. I don't know where it came from and if it wasnt for my husband being so supportive of me, God only knows what my depression would cause me to do. I am 9 months pregnant and only 11 days left until I get induced. I will start my 7 day prescription of acyclover that the Doctor gave me tomorrow but I need a remedy to heal my sores ASAP because if I hit labor any day soon I will get a c section which i want to avoid. I just went to Walmart and bought Lysine vitamins, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. I couldnt find a bottle of Melissa/lemon balm but I will go to the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC tomorrow to mix a capsule with aloe gel to use on my sores. Does anyone have any other solutions that are quick and don't burn too much?

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Take a warm bath with aveeno oatmeal bath. Dry yourself and dab tea tree oil on the sores. It should feel better with in a day or two. I also takr lysine, b12 and st johns wort combo. Hope this helps.


i have recently discovred desitin diaper rash paste comes in a purple and white tube. it puts the fire out and takes the itching away instantly. im sorry to hear about your news. me and my wife have this also. you are not alone. we are 5 months pregnant and hoping to avoid a c section also. we are 28. i want to say getting mad or depressed about having this is normal. keep your cool and it will get easier to live a normal life. a healthy diet, clean yourself every day,dont srub with a cloth use your hand to wash with vagisil and reasearch about it. try the DESITIN


Thanks, I will try but my sores have swollen up now and still hurt maybe from the tea tree oil? I am trying to be strong but everytime I take a pill or my husband tries to comfort me I cant hold back my tears. I dont know what to do....I feel like my life is ruined. =[


Go on line and look for H-Balm. Makes the sores go away in two to three days.


First of all, your life is not ruined. I've been dealing with this for 30 years. Outbreaks become less frequent the longer you have it. There have been years when I have not had an outbreak. Stress causes outbreaks so you have to try and calm down. Outbreaks typically last 7-10 days no matter what you do. It is best not to aggravate the sores. I take ibuprohen for pain and 1000mg of L Lysine 2x a day during an outbreak. I use a squeeze bottle with the hottest water I can tolerate and salt water baths to help with itching. Just make sure you are completely dry afterward.
I've had a c-section. It was not terrible; it was joyous. Please stop crying and worrying. Everything will be fine. Think of the gift you are about to bring into the world. Much love and congratulations.


I wouldn't go on any medication. It could cause defects. As antibioticshave been known to cause autism in some d my clients. Just keep the area clean and dry. Wear cotton underwear. That h balm stuff. I would suggest a c section. I have grntial herpes myself. And when I decide to have a child I will not be chancing it. It's Aleta's goin to be there even of you don't har an outbreak and I wouldn't chance getting herpes all over my child. I've had it for a year and a half. Worst times of my life. My ex gave it to me by a coldsore. He then told me he was going to spray paint it on my house I had it and tell everyone if I left him. Called me scabed vagina. But now I have an amazing boyfriend that understands and it does get easier!


Sweetie dont cry... ive cried for many months because the sores spreaded to the crack of my butt. But i did something about it. I started living healthier life, let go of all the stress. It will get better and u are never alone. Dont take any medication that will cause harm to your beloved child. Take one step at a time and it will get easily.


I've had herpes for 25+years now.. I got it from a cold sore my girlfriend had on her mouth while performing oral sex on me. It's not the end of the world so take a deep breath and chill out. STRESS is the number one factor! Reduce stress by doing deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, tea ceremonies, etc.. Eat healthy to keep your IMMUNE SYSTEM in top shape. Fresh fruits and veggies.. good carbs.. less protein. AVOID PEANUTS and other foods that contain L-ARGININE. Take a L-LYSINE supplement. Plant a LEMON BALM plant.. crush it and smell it often.. make into tea often.. old Carmelite Nun tonic for stress and main ingredient of this H-BALM that folks are talking about.. which does work btw. I think the company that makes it is called 'Forces of Nature' or something similar. Whenever you have a breakout it is best to BURST THE BLISTERS to speed up the healing process. It's best to do this with hot soapy water, preferable a soap such as Dr. Bronner's Peppermint or Tea Tree oil castille soap. I use both. Apply tea tree oil, oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract.. yes I use all three in a base of grape seed oil. I have an oil blend that I massage deeply into the typically infected area.. and since that is my penis.. it feels rather nice.. lmao.. but seriously... I have never transmitted the virus.. and i have been married for 9 years.. have three kids.. and we NEVER used condoms. The virus is very manageable, and I will repeat that it does improve over the years because your body just gets better at fighting it. Some theorize a Candida Albicans connection.. it's worthy of research I'd say.. I've also looked into intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments. And btw, sweetie.. herpes is sexually transmitted.. jus sayin.. maybe you should ask your husband how you got herpes.


If you have no idea how you got it and you've only been with your husband... something there isn't right... I would be doing some questioning... but that's just me.


the valtrex pills work great...i also got it 8 months into my pregnancy from my boyfriend...i was shocked at first too but it's really not as bad as it'll be okay..keep your head up =)

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