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Tooth Fairy

I've been suffering from severe toothache for about 24-28 hours now. With the toothache I had a severe headache on the right side of my temple and face (same side as the tooth that's causing discomfort). The only thing I've taken is 5 ibuprofen to ease some of the pain, every 3 hours or so. Obviously a day later, the pain hasn't subsided its probably some kind of infection. My upper molar has had a root canal in the past year with a temporary filling. The filling came off about 3 months later, and since then, I haven't been able to afford a crown so I've been doing 'preventative' stuff in the meantime.

Daily Toothache Prevention:

Gargle with 1 teaspoon of water to every teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day along with brushing your teeth. I use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Whitening Toothpaste. * I believe my tooth infection flared up because obviously my tooth has a hole in it, and no filling around it, and having ran out of 'hydrogen peroxide' I had forgotten why I was so dedicated to it.

Since I stopped using Hydrogen Peroxide mouth rinse, just 3 days ago I started getting weird throbbing headaches. And now this toothache pain has set in. What I did which WORKED:

Peeled one small garlic clove. Sliced it down the center the long way. Placed the cut portion on the affected gum held there (and around the gumline and tooth) for 15 minutes. I did this over the sink because the burning sensation you feel on your gums is killing some kind of bacteria and causes excess drooling. I did this an hour ago and the pain has gone away completely. This method along with 1 prescription strength Tylenol with Codiene (an old doctor's prescription) I will monitor and repeat for the next 3 days. If pain doesn't go away entirely, I'm going to the dentist.

Hope this helps. Tooth pain is the absolute worst, especially when it's an infection or an exposed nerve. And more so, when you can't afford to see a dentist. Try the garlic clove method, with the 6 ibuprofen tablets every 3-4 hours, and gargling with warm saltwater 3-4 times daily, along with the same with hydrogen peroxide gargle (3-4 times daily) and it should help rid the start of an infection. For full blown infections you'll probably need antibiotics unfortunately. :(

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Steve in Connecticut

46 y.o. male with one tooth with a receding gum (from brushing to strong). Never had a real toothache in my life...just some mild discomfort around that gum. Then, an hour ago....BOOM. Within 30 minutes my gum felt like someone was holding, continuously, a toothpick in my gum.
Searched the web...found this site and this home remedy. Here's what I did: I took two Tylenol PM's, gargled with warm salt water and the hydrogen peroxide/water solution, and the did the GARLIC thing. I never knew the powers of garlic, really- besides putting in food.
Can't say for sure what did it, but I think it was the garlic that took my tooth pain from a 10 down to a 2. It's still there slightly, but I feel like I will be able to sleep tonight and tomorrow will be off to the Dentist!


okay thought this was B.S but was willing to try any thing right now was about to pull a tom hanks in castaway but tried this first and a shot of jose pain has gone from a 10 to steady 7 molar is split in four like a cross


I will try the garlic, I am anxious for something to work.


will minced garlic work?


Do NOT take 6 ibuprofen tablets, It's bad.

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