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Rub vasaline intensive care on your stomach every morning and every night the minute you find out you're pregnant. I have 2 kids and not stretch marks!

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Hello my name is Melissa.Im lookin for a way to remove or minimize my strech marks. I am 13 years old on 2 days ago i noticed strech marks on my left thigh. They are about 1 1/2 inch long each and are silver and pinkish. And are in a sort of oval shape area. Then yesterday i noticed 2 of the same looking marks on my right thigh. THen i thought to my self i have to do something 13 year olds shouldn't have strech marks. Since im just a teen i got on the internet to day to look for home remidies to reemove then and came across this site. I'm going to try rubbing aloe vera gel on them and olive oil to help remove them. I have been eating healthy and working out and hopefully my strech marks will be removed! If you have any other methods for me to try please e-mail me at ~Melissa


well all i know is dat u can help ur problem by doing daily workouts n use moisturizers n creams it will help u a lot..
hope it will suit u n benefit u


suposedly, and i'm not sure if this is true, because i've never been pregnant, but apperently stretch marks are unpreventable and are actually just genetic. So if you're prone to get them from major weight gain no creams or oils will make a differnce. Supposing this theory is correct, you should check if your mum has any before jumping to the conclusion that what you're using most certainly works. My mum's always the super athletic fit type, I on the other hand am more slim and curvy, she got stretch marks only when she was pregnant with me, and they're just on her waist, just a couple, but they're pretty severe. Mean while with me, when my body started to get more shapely I started to get stretch marks what seemed like everywhere, but they're not too deep, and they're pretty light, especially using certain products such vitamin E oil and such have helped segnificenltly, I'm planning on removing them COMPLETELY though ;-)


i applied creams extensively duringmy 1st pregnancy , but I still have developed ugly stretch marks on my abdomen.


My mum has stretch marks and I dont, I used baby oil during pregnancy


STRETCH MARKS ARE NOT GENETIC! my mom has had 5 kids!seperated by as much as 15 years and as little as 2.she doesnt have a single stretch mark anywhere!yet I HAVE THEM everywhere and havent even ever had kids! but they do lighten a lot over time(but then when you tan they look just at bad cause they dont tan), but I have tried everything on the market and I exfoliate often, scarzone(found at walgrees) is best things I have found, but they just wont go away...

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