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This may sound strange, but ithis really works when I am having a particularly bad night. If my husband is awake, I suggest we should make love to which he his response is always a positive one. The natural 'feel good' hormones released during a climactic love-making session as well as the energy put into the entire act, can knock me out. Once the cuddle hormones kick in after the fact, I fall into a deep 'coma-like'sleep. If you don't have a partner to help you out....get creative. I couldn't be more serious, this helps me EVERY time.

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100% agree


I would unfortunately have to disagree. Although a fun remedy to try, I have found that it often makes my RLS worse and I still get no sleep. I usually end up pulling an all nighter cleaning house then about 4 or 5 am if I am lucky I fall asleep from pure exhaustion.


I will have to agree w/ you 150% on this theory! Cuz I am the same way, the nights that I can not sleep what so ever and spend most the night in tears cuz im hurting so bad, if i wake my husband up & get him to have sex w/ me once thats said and done with my legs are no longer bothering me & i am able to fall asleep! Greatest Home Remedie EVER!


My lady has been suffering from RLS since I've known her and i feel nothing but horrible,but once we read your remedy not only does she want it normally,but now when the RLS kicks in thats the first thing out of her mouth,and honestly im enjoying her medicine just as much as she is !¡!¡ Only issue with it is she suffers from RLS pretty much every night,which isn't bad just tiring !¡!¡ Thanx much.....


I so totally agree with you, having a bad night tonight, trying to find something else that will work, already have 4mg of requip in me and it isn't helping at all and your solution isn't possible right now :( so will keep trying other things.


I agree with you. I have had RLS for over 20 years now and I notice that when my husband and I are physical I sleep like a baby all night with no symptoms.


I have had rls since i was a small, i get relief when i have an orgasm standing up

Karen G

Being a 59 y/o widow, I 'got creative' last night since I have not had sex with a real man since last Oct. Well, IT DIDN'T HELP! I already have the bar of soap in my bed, so I gave in and took a Norco 10 that I have leftover from my spine surgery...BTW, RLS did not start till AFTER my lumbar spine fusion surgery for which I am already taking a calcium/mag/iron I know that the supplement is NOT helping either. Other comments I have read also have had spine surgery and their's got WORSE! Mine just started after surgery. So, what is left? I guess I will keep taking the Norcos, then Vicodins when I run out!

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