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Lisa Meadows

Believe it or not, the absolute best thing to use is vinegar. Simply open your mouth as far as you comfortably can, dab it on, and allow it to dry. (I fan my mouth with my hand or a piece of paper to hurry it along.) YES, it may sting, but if you're as sick of it as I was, and I'm sure you are, then it is WELL WORTH IT. After seeing how well it worked, the next time it occurred, I WELCOMED that sting! Knowing it would soon be healed. :D

I know it sounds nuts; I know it sounds way to simple, but, honestly, I've tried the anti-fungal creams, blistex, prescriptions, and everything else mentioned here, and after YEARS of dealing with this, it was plain old cider vinegar that finally wiped it out completely. And, it didn't take days and days either, but starts to heal it as soon as it's applied!

Also, two years after finding out about the vinegar cure, and then adding a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to my diet in order to stop the root cause (thus stopping the breakouts completely), I THEN found out that it was CELIAC DISEASE at the root of BOTH.

I urge anyone and everyone suffering with this problem to look up the symptoms of it as it's incredibly rare that a doctor will even bother to check for it unless YOU bring the question to HIM/HER; even though, 1 in 100 suffer with it.

Good luck, all. <3

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thank you

trying it today... after 15 minutes, it seems to be improving! Thanks~


So I tried the apple cider vinegar tonight. Took a cotton ball and dabbed it on the corners of my mouth..... Wherever the vinegar touched my skin turned my skin bright red. So now I look like a clown. 0----0 And my skin feels tight. Once I saw bright red circles I tried to wash my face. I give up for tonight and hopefully this redness will fade by work tomorrow. Ya gotta laugh at it, or else I'd cry.


I looked like a clown when I did this, too, and I haven't had any real improvement. The sores seem to get a white sort of crust on them right after applying the vinegar, but it soon goes away and they look exactly the same as they do before.


I had a sore for 2 weeks and started putting vinegar on 24 hours ago and the sore is almost gone. Amazing!!!

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