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Chantelle, mom of two

Remedy: Gorilla Glue, quick dry kind.
Applied in night while child slept!
Child, age six, pain sensitive and non-compliant; 17 planters warts.
Time to fall out: 3-4 weeks.

My poor kid.

We tried a drug store wart remover but it seemed to affect her skin while the warts flourished.
We tried ACV but she complained of stinging.
We then applied nail polish for two weeks but again the warts kept growing. I applied Tea Tree oil. This seemed to prevent the smaller warts from growing, however the huge ones were left unaffected and did not change.

Finally we tried gorilla glue and wow, within one week they were all turning color. A hard crust would form on them, which I would pick off with tweezers and then reapply the glue (all while my daughter was sleeping). By two weeks, around six applications, huge results. It has been nearly a month and all but two have turned black and come out (I plucked them out during sleep again!). No pain at all, not even a complaint from my very pain sensitive child. Amazing! Just be warned, this stuff is strong and dries fast so be careful and don't let skin come into contact with anything else. If this ever happens again I will skip the other remedies and just use Gorilla Glue.

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After several rounds of OTC treatments, both freezing spray and acid tx's that only basically killed the skin AROUND the warts, we moved onto Gorilla Glue (the super glue kind) and Gorilla Duck Tape..... WOW! It was painless and very effective. We went from having 10+ warts on one foot to now they are ALL either gone or well on their way. Took about 3 weeks of persistant application where we applied the glue, let dry for a few seconds and then applied the tape directly over that area. Left that on for either a day or two, removed and then re-applied. This was for a 7 yr old so there were even days that we 'took a break'. GORILLA GLUE AND GORILLA TAPE.

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