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Take a herbal tea bag and drench it in warm water and rub it all over your face. Your face should be brown. Leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse it with cold water and pat dry. The redness will go down and it will leave your face smooth and even toned.

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Hey doesnt the tea stain your face??? because i wouldt want a tea-stained face. that would be horrible!!!!! and the vinegar thing, that dries your face out and damages your skin. i think it's better to use a cream such as 'Clear-Zit' or any acne cream with small amounts of benzoyal peroxide. Peroxide also gets rid of acne, but it also dries your skin and it may even bleach your face. and just one tip- DONT TOUCH THE PIMPLE!!!!! By touching it, you are adding to the oil inside the pimple and the healing time. So its best if you leave it alone, none of that constant picking or rubbing or trying to hide it by covering it with your hand!!!!


drink a ton of cranberry juice. I did this as a cure for a bladder infection and woke up the next morning and my face was clear! It seems to cleanse the whole body of bacteria.


Does it matter what type of herbal tea I use? Because alot of herbal teas are different colors and not brown.

Rebecca Phalange

This actually did something. Sorry I'm a skeptic, but it worked pretty well. Since it wasn't specified as to what type of tea I used Chai Green Tea. It had natural herbs in it that were mentioned on other sites (like cinnamon, ginger). The only thing is that it was kind of irritating for the 3 mins., but that went away with the cold water.


Clean and Clear works really well. If you feel like your face is too dry just dab it on directly on the pimple...Applying Vicks Vapor rub directly on the pimple before going g to bed also helps the redness go down.


didnt work . you know what did? that egg white post that took the redness away like nothin. it's still a bump but not sore or swolen any more blends better into my skin too so if u got sumthin important the next day USE THE EGG WHITE. wash ur face first


Be careful because my brother did this a few years ago (he was cold in the winter lol) and his face was stained bright red and he stayed home from school trying to get it off. Do this at night if you must so that you're not stained.


i just tried this hopefully this will work

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