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Take a herbal tea bag and drench it in warm water and rub it all over your face. Your face should be brown. Leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse it with cold water and pat dry. The redness will go down and it will leave your face smooth and even toned.

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this works really good my face was so dry and red and i used this method and my face was so smooth and the redness was gone in a half hour.


what kind of herbal tea? any?


hi i thought this was an excellent way to reduce acne. i hated the fact i had to wake up to it every morning and went to the doctor and was prescribed 5 treatments and not one helped!!
another good way i reduced acne was using antibiotic cream


alright. so..herbal tea bag into warm water until soaked. remove. place all over face. face is brown. SHOULD be brown. leave for 3 minutes. wash off woth cold water. pat dry with a face-towel. but then will the pimples immediately be gone? or is this routine time the pimples will be gone? *confused*


in just a half-hour they were gone? so ure saying all ur pimples were gone..after applying this remedy..IN A HALF0HOUR?


Im going to try this one tonight,will it work on anything other than your face? I have unfortunately developed a small spot of acne on my left shoulder,so Im going to try the bag there as well.
will post the results tommorrow.
many many thanks.


How come so many of these supposed cures are posted. And then replied to by the same person, as if they were another user complementing the cure.
Or maybe I should say the exact same IP address. look at the ip of the poster of the remedy and then the next one of the supposed 30 minute cured user.

Now, so as not to make this a totally useless post.
This cure burns like h377 but it works, when you are home for the evening and not going to be around anyone take and wash your face,then rub the entire area where the acne is, with vinegar, yes it stinks and yes it burns but in a few days you will see it drying up real well, and after that keep your face clean, and cut way back on the sugar. mainly soda's in my case.


^^^hey i do that too...
that stuff works, except i use vinegar with water.


ok i tried the viniger and holy crap does it ever sting.. we'll see what happens.. im willing to try n e thing my b-days in a week and i have a huge zit!


what kind of Hearbal Tea bag should I use? Any? how long for results to be noticed?

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