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neilmed sinus rinse...amazing. Use directed on package or get a neti-pot and use as directed.

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Been suffering for 2 months. So miserable. 2nd round of antibiotics. Steroids helped briefly til it came back! Have been doing sinus rinse on and off. Determined i started doing sinus rinse 3 times a day for past few days along with otc decongestant...finally getting some relief. I really believe it the sinus rinse that did it. This afternoon after work, i did the rinse, and thick gobs of mucous/ snot along with some blood came out. I can breathe!!! Totally believe in the neilmed sinus rinse
I call it the nose douche!


Its not getting to my right side. Just the saline comes out without any mucous. It even started coming out of my left eye before it would come out my right nostril. Its not really working for me.


Ah, i see. Well that's not too tirkcy at all!'


Unfortunately, If your nose is too stuffy sinus rinse won't work or will work for one hour or two or for only one nostril. Otherwise it's a good product when your congestion is not too important.

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