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If your lymph glands are swollen by an unknown cause (viral, bacterial, fungal..who mine were)and you can't find a doctor with an answer...because i still can't...

-Extra Strength Advil
-Ice pack wrapped in towel applied to area for of enlarged gland/node 15mins every 4 hours
-salt water rinse (warm water so salty you don't want to swallow don't gargle) two to three times daily (has antimicrobial properties)
-drink blueberry juice (antioxidants will help destroy free radicals in the body)
-cup of hot water with a lemon slice in it. drink it once or twice a day. Lemon has antimicrobial properties.

**can i guarantee it will work for you, no. Did it work for far. My three hard nodes are gone.**

PS get some praying friends too ;)

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