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My abscess tooth was so painful I didn't know what to do, just to ease the pain a lil I tried taking 2 Tylenol and that didn't touch it! Then I tried tea tree oil and that helped numb it a lil but it's nasty tasting so I decided to research it (which brought me to this site)! I read remedy after remedy and realized that many of the suggested ingredients were somewhat simular.

As suggested by many, I first swished/gargeled with the warm salt water numerous times. Then I made a suggested remedy paste but didn't have the one ingredient so I left it out to see if it would still work. I was desperate so I tried it and it helped! Just mix up a tsp of each:
-baking soda
-crushed aspirin
Then apply it diectly to pain.

I also read garlic salt helped so after the 2nd round of swishing/gargeling the salt water, I tried that and it pleasantly numbed the area!

Another remedy I kept hearing was clove oil or clove (to numb the pain). And yet another repeated remedy was to apply a dry black tea bag on infected area (to suck out the infection) ..and be sure to spit out any tea that gets in your mouth so you don't swallow any infection! Well, I don't have clove oil or plain black tea but I do have Chai tea (Celestial) with those 2 ingredients clove and black tea in it. So I figured, why not? It seems to be working pretty well so far (certainly not the most comfortable to have a tea bag in your mouth though, needless to say)!

I also crushed a clove of garlic and mixed it in honey (to boost my immunity system) then spooned it in by chasing each spoonfull with water.

My next step, I plan to swish with Peroxide (one of the other most suggested ingredient) to help get out the infection.

I'm sure at the end my mouth will be raw but much better raw then end up in a hospital with a life threatning situation just to end it all w/ thousands of dollars in debt!

Heat helped ease the pain but after reading just the first few remedys I found out that applying heat is definitely a NO NO! It can cause the infection to spread faster and that's the last thing I need!

I know these are just for the immediate pain/infection but they don't do the job efficienty! Abscess's are nothing to mess with and they can kill you if they get in your blood stream so please get the proper care to rid your body of any life threatening infection

Hope you get better soon!

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I tried most of what you have tried. What worked for me was putting half a sliced garlic clove on the affected gum. Burns like hell, but try and keep it on as long as possible.

I also swished with bee propolis (a natural safe antibiotic) and then drank it, every 2-3 hours. I also ordered on line some collodial silver - swished with a teaspoon of 2-3 times per day.

I also bought some oregano oil on line which is also a very powerful natural disinfectant.

After using the garlic clove the first time, I was able to sleep through the night, but before I discovered garlic as a possible cure, the only pain reliever was with co-codamol. I was pain-free for eight hours. Ibuprofen and paracetomol did not touch the pain. Although it was a fantastic pain reliever, I knew I still had to kill the infection to stop it spreading throughout my body.

The garlic over two days did this. As a safety net, for the next few days I also took two capsules of Blockbuster Allclear, first thing in the morning 30 minutes before eating, and also four capsules of Serrapeptase, as these are supposed to repair the nerves.

The swelling in my cheek and under my jaw finally vanished about five days after using all of the above, except for the garlic which I only held against the affected gum on two separate days.

The resulting ulcer was very painful, but after taking a few handfuls of pumpkin seeds over the next three days, and applying bee propolis to a cotton bud and putting it directly onto the ulcer, this disappeared after three / four days.

I feel my tooth is completely healed - no pain, no swelling and I am happily eating on that side now, two weeks on from its onset. Saved myself £1,000 in proposed root canal fees. My dentist will be disappointed.

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