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Okay, a week ago I was eating a childhood favor (hard Candy) and I lost a filling in a back tooth. The pain started slowly and over the course of the week it became unbearable. Last night was the worse. I realized that something needed to be done and for a brief moment I contemplated yanking the tooth out because it hurt so bad. Because I have no health insurance and I am a full-time student, I am somewhat limited in options at the moment.

Therefore, I decided to try a combination of remedies on here. First, I mixed a glass of sea salt and warm water (anything cold is an instant way to provoke severe pain in the tooth.) I help the water in for about a mimute, and then swished with cold water to remove excess salt (yes, this hurt at first), repeating the whole process about three times. Then I brushed my whole mouth, with emphasis on the tooth. There was a lot of bleeding but the area almost immediately felt better. I think I may have torn the skin where the infection was and it drained.

Next, I washed my mouth with listerine. Afterwards I took a Midol and was pain free for the night.

Of course, I understand the infection can be quite bad.

Sometimes this week I am going to the infirmary here on campus to get antibiotics... and hopefully this will cure the infection until I have an opportunity to have the tooth pulled (as it is a back tooth and doesn't look too pretty right night.

I hope this helps people. The pain is absolutely the second worse thing in the world (outside of a pimple in the nose... which is a whole different story and much more gory.)

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This helped SO much, because I'm in the exact same situation as you. Thank you!

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