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Hi, I found out I had gw about a year ago. I live in a small town and am too embarrassed to get them treated especially after the way my dr looked at me, anyway I have tried loads but plan to try acv next week when I will have my place empty. I have a question tho, it looks like I have some warts appearing in my mouth. I don't understand this at all and I'm not sure if they are but can anyone help with the treatment here?

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I also have them in my mouth. I thought I was alone with that. They are all over my tongue. I can't even kiss a girl until these clear. You can't use acv because your mouth is too sensitive and it will eat the enamel off of your teeth. I have only had these for a couple of months. I am having success with chlorine dioxide treatments. All are smaller and more than half are gone. It takes discipline and learning a lot about the process of creating chlorine dioxide but it is well worth it. It's not a treatment, it is a cure. Within 6 months I am confident that I will clear the virus and all warts. I am a student and don't have the time to teach it to you but there are plenty of people on the forums that will help you. Check out the forums at genesis2forum dot org. There is not specific information about hpv but there are protocols to learn and follow. The herpes protocol listed on the site is a good start. You can cure this.


I have a question abt the sodium chlorite, did u consume it or used it as mouth wash? Pls reply


I drink it and use it as a mouth rinse. I also use the bath protocol. I still have them but I'm confident it's helping me to fight them off internally and externally. I prefer to drink the sodium chlorite/citric acid mix, but as a mouth rinse I make a chlorine dioxide solution. It does a great job of oxygenating my mouth without any worries of tooth enamel loss from the citric acid.

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